Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Kim Jensen) #37

Also Qobuz is not available in many countries, I have been working sas it ingredients for years.

(Robert deLeeuw) #38

Qobuz needs to merge with Tidal and get outside financing as well to assure users that the future financial footing and subscriber base is solid.

(Johan Coorg) #39

This is the most intelligent comment so far -

people are getting very wound up about their perceptions of what Tidal and Qobuz offer in terms of content and also blurred by their own tastes. Notwithstanding QoBuz being slow to go global, it is in Roon’s interest, hedge their bets and add a second “quality streaming” service … Oh and for my tuppence worth, Qobuz metadata is the best plus offers better choice of “niche” stuff like classical and jazz.

Plus (talking heresy here) why not Spotify too (despite quality) - but I cannot see that happen given the 800 pound gorilla in the room likes to play super awkward.

(Alfredo Macias del Rio) #40

if finally room has not integration with qobuz, I will unsubscribe


I just think that Roon can do better than Tidal. Roon enhances Tidal. Services like Qobuz and Spotify are ahead in terms of their presentation, metadata and search engine capabilities. Indeed Qobuz has openly spoken about its wish to be more Roon like and has been developing its partnerships and software with some ambition. I know Spotify have the capability of offering cd quality streams so these would be advantageous marriages.

(Patatorz) #42

Hi, Qobuz communicated months ago on this topic. It is more a strategy than something visible. According to the investments that needs to be done perhaps we need to wait some years to see it. Even the development on Qobuz desktop applications are very slow and the « beta » support of upnp is really beta and no improvement seen since the first release few month ago. I really like to see Qobuz and roon in partnership but it seems they are more competitors than partners at this point in time.
Let’s see.


Maybe development is slow because they are talking with Roon.

(Patatorz) #44

Why not … but it is not what they claimed



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Thanks for the link I missed. Let’s cross fingers :slight_smile:


The way it reads (reading between the lines as Qobuz’s David S says) it’s when, not if…

Unless I’m reading between the lines incorrectly :wink:

(Patatorz) #48

I read like you. But i’ve Been so surprised by changes in mind in hifi that it is better to not take as granted :slight_smile:

(Henry) #49

Beware quotes made when clearly there is an NDA in place. It could be a mechanism for putting pressure on the other party by creating expectation.

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Absolutely. I’m not involved in the process so I’ll remain ‘glass half full’ and all that :wink:

(Vincent Baudoin) #51

I asked Qobuz this morning about Roon integration.
Their answer (the original in french below) is as following :

“We don’t have anything to say on this subject.
We are sorry we can’t announce a date yet.
Know that the project is in progress.”

Exciting ?!

The original answer:

Nous n’avons toujours pas de communication sur ce sujet. Nous sommes navrés de ne pouvoir annoncer de date pour le moment. Sachez que le projet est en cours.
En vous remerciant de votre intérêt.

(Patatorz) #52

Great let’s see ! Excited

(Gustav Persson) #53

While stating that they are not able to say something on this subvert they say quite a bit.

(Jan Ströher) #54

German Qobuz support is very open to this matter and clearly states that there will be a working integration until the end of this year.

I just don‘t link it here because it is completely in german language.

(Michel Barbier) #55

No, he actually works on

(Undine Krahmer-Stock) #56

Please quote here. I’m sure there are people who can speak German (or use google translate, for that matter…)

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