Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Dale Clark) #450

I think everyone, in general, will love how Qobuz is integrated into ROON. Really a nice addition

(Mike O'Neill) #451

Read the what’s coming in 1.6 for Xmas thread …

(Daniel Beyer) #452

And you know this because you’ve seen it in action?


I was wondering about that comment. :slight_smile:


“Read the what’s coming in 1.6 for Xmas thread …”




https://www.onkyomusic.com allows me to download my music anytime from my account. Also, I bought an album in one format from them and found a higher bitrate version on their site. I emailed them and they refunded my original purchase and let me buy the better version.

(iamoneagain) #457

Looks like delayed until next year.

I also noticed my trial has French text on the iPhone app again and artists like The Cure no longer stream.


US is their main focus (even more if they are late). If an integration in Roon is planned it will be priority 2 (or 3) + It is surprising that no offcial communication has been made.
Even if I would really enjoy Qobuz in Roon, I do not expect it this year ( hoping I am wrong).


That is for US. All four subscription levels are already available in the UK, including Sublime+ with discounted hi-res as well as hi-res streaming up to 24/192.

(iamoneagain) #460

But the point of the delay was talk about the roon integration happening at the same time as the US launch. So I don’t think we’ll get the integration until next year as well.

I’m still not sure I’ll switch to Qobuz because I have no idea what country’s catelog my US trial is linked to. Also need to see if Qobuz integration offers anything more than Tidal. Their app has the CD artwork scans, personal reviews, and links to the artist label. I’m leaning toward going with Qobuz but can’t take a hit of what overall albums are available.

(Dale Clark) #461

I have Qobuz from being overseas. Once you get a membership, the service works anywhere in the world. Trust me on this, you will appreciate Qobuz integration with Roon much more than Tidal. Unless a company like Apple or Spotify (both do not need it) adopts MQA, IMO, it’s pretty much dead.

(Mark) #462

At this stage it’s one of two things. Either you’re breaking some kind of NDA, or you’re making things up. Neither is a good look.

(Dale Clark) #463

HUH??? I’m not getting your logic. I’m saying you will like Qobuz over Tidal when it comes to Qobuz? Sorry…I just think Qobuz is a much better service. Stop reading too much into things…although Social media says otherwise…the world is not in a decline.

(Mark) #464

You’ve indicated, over the course two posts, that you’ve seen Qobuz’ integration into Roon.

If you haven’t, then both of your posts are just pure bluster and speculation.


Maybe the post was just awkwardly written. I do agree, however, that Qobuz integration into Roon would be a fine thing (note WOULD). Qobuz is just way, way better than Tidal.

(Mark) #466

This is a subjective opinion, based on your library preferences.

If Qobuz is integrated into Roon, it will become part of the Roon UI and any differences that exist today between Qobuz and Tidal’s web/app interface and search/browse will be completely moot.


So then, maybe you can teach me!

How about streaming High Res files 192/24 from Tidal? How about having the same variety of playlists in Tidal? How about having additional choices in Tidal than just new appearances? Qobuz has all these things integrated.

Also: I used to have (and still have) my Aurender. There, I can switch between these two streaming services and have the full options available for both streaming services, naturally with far more options in Qobuz than Tidal.

So, IF (note the if) Qobuz would be integrated into Roon as one universal UI, I’d think it would be a pity as you loose the speciality of either of the services.


Hmm Qobuz offers pdf booklets when streaming
HUGE difference from Tidal. If this would come to roon it should be fantastic

(Tim Rhodes) #469

In terms of SQ I cant comment because I have only ever downloaded from Qobuz. However there are reviews online that prefer Tidal over Qobuz for SQ too, most notably WhatHIFI.