Qobuz integration in Roon?

That is my plan, at least to get started. Since getting Tidal, I’ve gone from buying 50+ CDs a year to 3-4. There is room in my music budget for two streaming services, if they complement each other.


I’ll certainly run the two alongside each other for a while to see if one offers anything I can’t get from the other. I can’t see myself running both long term but we will see. And I am a Tidal fan so Qobuz will need to be better.

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I have both; complement each other very nicely. I have streamer with integrated support for Qobuz, but it would be nice with both streaming services (+Deezer) in Roon.

Not much in one that you can not find in the other. But Tidal is better for local content for where I live, and Qobuz maybe slightly better for classical and jazz (find most stuff in both). What I prefer on Qobuz is the PCM 24bit 96 or 192khz vs MQA. Tidal is great for listening to MQA stuff, but I’m not a big fan of MQA in general (its lossy!). For Qobuz I often find it stored in 44.1Khz 24bit; but CD quality (16bit 44.1kHz) is nowhere to be found. And the Qobuz app (windows/macos) is horrible! No possibility for exclusive mode on audio output (which is an epic failure in my opinion). But if we get Qobuz support in Roon; the Qobuz streaming service will be actually something worth having.


In the Tidal vs Qobuz discussion, I’m still with Tidal, since Qobuz offers no family subscriptions. So if I would go the Qobuz route, we would still need an additional service. Might as well stay with Tidal for the whole family then.

saw here: Qobuz

Qobuz Family: We are working to create a family subscription, which we will alert you about at a later date.”

with the standard Qobuz subscription, you can have 3 devices simultaneously connected.

Over the past couple of years I’ve added over 600 albums from TIDAL to my Roon library. They’ve been from a variety of genres, predominantly Classical (241 albums). I’ve just checked availability of all albums on Qobuz using the Qobuz desktop app; only 17 albums are not available in Qobuz. This is for the Qobuz and TIDAL services here in the Netherlands. If I am so inclined, I can fill most of the gaps via buying CDs or downloads.

+1 … I checked using Focus: I’ve added 306 albums from TIDAL to my collection. It would be some work to change over, but to your point, not sure why I would bother. TIDAL seems to work well for “library augmentation.” The classical selections available are enough such that I have stopped buying CDs or downloads - for now.

And… I finally purchased an MQA-enabled streamer (Bluesound Node 2i) - my curiosity got the best of me for MQA and TIDAL.

I’m currently just exploring my options, but if Qobuz integration in Roon occurs, then it’s very likely that I would switch for the following reasons:

MQA is not of interest to me, but then again Qobuz Hi-Res streaming might overtax my internet connection, so I’d want to be able to tell Roon to stream only CD-quality.

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The booklets mainly seem to be on classical albums, so not very interesting to me :no_mouth:

The options are there, at least:

From my Bluesound application, in Swedish, but you’ll get the picture… :slight_smile:

Different strokes for different folks… :grinning:

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how do you like the Node 2i? i’ve just added a powernode 2i to one of my systems. still early, so have not formed a strong opinion.

I like it, overall. The software is nice, stable, works well.

The embedded DAC is an A-minus, IMO. It’s good, but I prefer the sound of my Bel Canto.

I had a chance to compare the new Bel Canto e.One Stream w/ the Node 2i, in an extended listening test at home. After a week with the Stream, I was a little disappointed with the sound from the Node 2i. Enough so that I planning to take the Node 2i into my office and purchase a Stream for my home head-fi system.

That said, I would still recommend the Node 2i - the app/software was is leaps ahead of the Bel Canto offering. But, as a Roon endpoint, who cares?

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quite a difference in price between the two tho.

If Qobuz arrives I definitely won’t be switching. Qobuz has made the decision for me, since it isn’t available in Brazil. I also have the advantage of paying the equivalent of US$9 a month here for Tidal HiFi, which means I probably wouldn’t switch if Qobuz were available. Brazilians pay much less for most streaming services.

That’s the nature of audiophoolery. You pay a lot for incremental improvements after a certain point. The sound difference was real, though.

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i didn’t realize until just now that the can belto had analog outputs as well.

It’s here, it’s working great, I’m switching between Tidal and Qobuz versions of the same album listening to both seamlessly through Roon!!! Nice job Roon team!


We’ll close this thread off now that Qobuz integration is here. Let the devs know how you feel about it in the Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread.