Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Christoph Longree) #290

Same here - Roon has excellent SQ and it perfectly meets audiophile standards. I seriously doubt so many high end manufactures would actually advertise their products as Roon Ready if the SQ would not be top notch…

But I doubt that Chromecast as an Endpoint actually lets u appreciate what Roon can really do in terms of SQ…

I think it’s both - great in terms of practical use and it meets highest audiophile standards…

(Scott Winders) #291

I can’t agree with this. I am using Roon and HQPlayer with my ultraRendu and DirectStream DAC and have found no other setup that sounds as good, much less better.

DSD HQPlayer Settings for PS Audio Directstream?
(Andrew Stein) #292

If Roon is delivering bit-perfect zeros and ones to an external DAC, how could any other device doing the same thing sound better?


Now that I think about it, I would imagine both Tidal and Qobuz albums would appear in the “Versions” area in Roon if one is subscribed to both.


I am more than happy to use Chromecast feeding a Chord DAC with optical out at up to 96khz. It’s no slouch. I don’t differentiate between that and the USB connected Chord; at least for Flacs to 96khz, in any case.

(simon arnold) #295

Have you not met any audiophiles? There is always something that will interfere with the sensitive analogue stage of something. :slight_smile:


Yeh, often times a void in the cranium.


Very well put sir. This should be the dictionary definition of a Audiophile.


maybe you should read this… it’s pretty enlightening. I sort of mentally draw the line at discrete bits of Hifi kit to +/- the 500 usd/eur mark each. It’s enough to satisfy my audiophile ego and protects my wallet somewhat (and marriage).



there is an event this weekend in France with Roon & Qobuz participation, it would be interesting if they could talk about it ! or if some French users go to this event, they could ask them about the the integration of Qobuz



Just found out Blue Coast Records will be exclusively on Qobuz. Can’t wait. Cookie Marenco’s record label are very high quality audiophile recordings

(Andrew Stein) #301

Thank you. An enlightening article.


Qobuz has introduced Qobuz Studio at a monthly subscription rate of $24.99. First timer can sign up for 1 month free trial. Up to 24/192k lossless audio delivery, it is sure to fire up some competition…


This links gets me to the UK Qobuz side with prices in British Pounds

(Henry) #304

Is that because of where you are, or where it thinks you are?


No. I am in US. No VPN or anything

(Henry) #306

It leads me to the UK site too so he must have mistaken dollars for GBP.

(Bart Verhoeven) #307

You would still need a credit card from one of the officially supported countries to sign up no?


I use the Qobuz app from time to time to have music streamed to my Devialet. Quite a good app, but it would be so much better having it included in Roon!!! Besides, I have to switch my amp from ethernet to Devialet AIR, but I definitely prefer Roon!

(iamoneagain) #309

That’s because they still haven’t launched in the US yet.

You can still test it out signing up and using CEDIA2018 code (if still works). I’m not sure what catalog it’s tied into during trial. I’m still seeing some text in French.

I heard that code is supposed to get at least 3 free months. Hoping I’ll get to test with official US Launch and roon integration.