Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Scott Winders) #330

If Roon chooses to not say anything, I have no problem with that. But, this is a forum and we can talk about here if we want and hope that Roon decides to chime in.

(Tim) #331


I think your post would have been better if you had said “Qobuz should not say” instead of “Qobuz would not say”. Marketing people seem to routinely be members of the “My lips are moving so I must be lying” club :sunglasses:


(Scott Winders) #332


It’s one thing for marketing/sales types to verbally say something and a completely different thing for them to put it in print and hand it out at a show.

(Bart Verhoeven) #333

Marketing and sales people put so many inaccurate / false statements on paper about the capabilities of their products. And here Qobuz is putting things on paper that are absolutely out of their hands. I’m not saying it’s not coming, I’m saying Qobuz is not a source speaking with authority.

(Wayne Bull) #334

If Qobuz integration is coming, who will be switching from TIDAL and what would be your reasons?

(Scott Winders) #335

I don’t know how you can say that. It is in Qobuz’s hands just as much as it is in Roon’s. Roon clearly wants more partners like Tidal because having just one is too limiting and leaves them with little leverage.

(Scott Winders) #336

Would I switch from Tidal to Qobuz? I don’t know. I would have to look at their content and see what their pricing is. If Qobuz has more content that I like and the price is right, I would certainly try it for a few months to see what I think.

(Geoff Coupe) #337

I currently subscribe to TIDAL, but buy the occasional download from Qobuz. If Qobuz integration happens, then I would switch providing:

  1. The Qobuz content is comparable to that of TIDAL for the music I am interested in (it appears to be)
  2. I see (hear) no advantage of MQA over HiRes recording/streaming (I don’t think I do)
  3. The additional cost of Qobuz Sublime (€300 p.a.) over TIDAL HiFi (€240 p.a.) is offset by savings on the reduced prices of download purchases (it almost certainly would be).

Roon_ and_ Qobuz?
(Bart Verhoeven) #338

I agree with you that without Qobuz integration in Roon would not be possible. But ultimately, Roon brings out new releases of their product. They decide what features will be put in those new releases. No matter what Qobuz writes, or no matter how much Qobuz wants it. So yes, I stand by that statement. From a business perspective, I can imagine both parties want to see this happen :slight_smile:


I prefer Qobuz over Tidal as i like their app beter. Content and sound quality are pretty much equal BUT…and this is important for me, their app is in Dutch as are many bios and reviews. They also often have pdf booklets available.
I doubt that with an integraton with roon these advantages will be available through the roon interface though…but one can hope

(Rik Carter) #340

I’ve recently switched from Tidal Hifi to Qobuz 16/44. I find that the content and curation on Qobuz more to my liking. I wasn’t ‘feeling’ Tidal. I gave it a good chance to convince me (18mths full subscriber) but alas it didn’t.

Looking forward to Roon/Qobuz integration.

(Wayne Bull) #341

I’ve found Qobuz much more geared towards Jazz and Classical.

If your into genres like Electronic, then Tidal wins easily.

(Jimmytwotimes) #342

And Indie artists, TIdal wins easily.

(Henry) #343

I don’t see any reason to switch at the moment. I am able to listen to the vast majority of what I like and Qobuz’s emphasis on classical and Jazz won’t enhance that. And I am not troubled by MQA so I don’t mind playing those files.

(Henri Serton) #344

And metal. TIdal wins easily.

(simon arnold) #345

I have 2 months left on my Sublime+ trial. Doubt I will keep it. Tidal is cheaper and MQA sounds better to me than Qobuz hires streams. Also it still has better overall coverage of musical tastes. There curated stuff is better than Tidal and I have found some new stuff as a result. But I can’t justify the higher price and I rarely buy hires files and not all are that cheap even with the sublime discount.


I like Qobuz‘ app a lot better! You get new releases, you also get an overview of the streaming/download charts, you get Qobuz‘ ideal library, etc. Just by browsing through those tabs, you can spend days! Tidal basically gives you the new releases from a genre, and that‘s it. Tidal compared to Qobuz is minimalistic. Sound quality, though, is excellent with Tidal, so is Qobuz. For me, integrating Qobuz into Roon would be the perfect player!


I have switched from Tidal to Qobuz anyway, irrespective of Roon integration.

My main reasons are for solidity of streaming, visual use of buffering which really helps my confidence to stream regularly, and the appearance of more agnostic content for recommendations and the ability even to tailor these to personal taste.

Also, Qobuz offers the simple feature of being able to search within my collection (ie faved albums) which Tidal stupidly doesn’t offer, so collating a large personal collection within Tidal (for use on the go, ie without Roon, becomes a nonsense).

Oh, and the ability to store offline content on other-than-mobile devices is a big +


funny that. I felt the same way. it just didnt gel with me. I found i wasn’t listening to it. Now ill routinely pop on qobuz and scroll through for a listen; it seems to be, i don’t know, more “friendly” to me??


This is a general one for qobuz users… i live in a francophonic area, but would really like to see bio and reviews in English. Does anyone know how to force english in qobuz?