Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Angel Catala) #350

Hi Simon, I don’t know where you live but currently in my country Tidal Hi-Fi subscription costs 19,99 € * 12 = 239,88 €/year. Qobuz has recently relesed a new plan called Studio with a total annual cost of 249,99 €/year in a single payment or 24,99 € * 12 =299,88 €/year. Studio is fine for Hi-Res streaming users that do not buy music. The point is that the annual cost is not so diferent from Tidal Hi-Fi (239,88 € vs 249,99 €).

I am currently subscribed to Tidal Hi-Fi for Roon integrationa and Qobuz Hi-Fi. I would consider Qobuz Studio if it would integrate with Roon.


That‘s one of Qobuz‘ weak points. Language preference is a shambles. Whichever device I use, l just can‘t get it to set it to my language preferences properly.

(simon arnold) #352

It’s £24.99 in the UK for the same, Tidal is 19.99. so I would be paying more for less. As I get hires with MQA in Tidal and more choice of the music I like. Plus most of the hires material on Qobuz for my tastes is only 44.1/24 so hardly worth it I’ve only found a few higher.

(Ged) #353

Ha! You’ve never worked for a software house then. What marketing say Vs reality.

(Scott Winders) #354

I worked at Apple for 10 years…those sales guys promised all kinds of stuff we didn’t have…but they never put it in writing.

(Ged) #355

Microsoft did when I was there.:grinning:

(Angel Catala) #356

Is there an option in UK to pay once per year (I guess 249,99 pounds) instead of monthly?

(simon arnold) #357

It’s £299.99 for sublime + that’s the only other plan.

(Angel Catala) #358

OK. Here in Spain, Sublime+ costs 299,99 € / year - a single playment (Hi Res streaming* + discount in downloads) and new plan Studio costs 24,99 € / month or 249,99 € / year - a single payment (Hi Res streaming*). The Hi-Fi plan has a year payment option too: 19,99 € / month or 199,99 € / year.

*Hi Res streaming does not include the whole catalog

(Neale) #359

I will immediately Qobuz has much more of my type of music

(Jimmytwotimes) #360

I like Rock, indie ,jazz and electronica and classical is 5th of my priority list.

I suspect I will stick to TIdal but I will try try the trial when its available in the U.S.

(Dale Clark) #361

If ROON integrates Qobuz, I’ll sell my Bluesound Node2. Qobuz is the only reason I use Bluesound.

(Rob) #362

You can still use your Node as endpoint, that is what I will be doing. Sometimes it also convienient to have the Node since this is always available. I do not have my roon core running all the time.


Same here, if Qobuz is integrated into Roon, I have a hard time justifying my Aurender N100H!

(Dale Clark) #364

Let’s hope it happens soon


October has come and gone and no Qobuz in the U.S. Sigh.


Would be a nice Xmas present from Qobuz :blush:

(Jimmytwotimes) #367

November and still no Qobuz in the U.S.

There must be problems. Its time for a major player like Apple,Spotify or Google to offer Hi -res

(dan baldwin) #368

Could someone explain to me why Qobuz integration with Roon will eliminate the need for an endpoint like the Aurender or Bluesound ? In my mind I picture Qobuz operating the same way Tidal does now ? Perhaps some people are using those endpoints just to decode MQA and otherwise would go straight from computer to DAC with Qobuz since no MQA decoding necessary ?

(iamoneagain) #369

Those devices can steam Qobuz. I assume once integrated into roon, they’ll send Qobuz to better/different endpoints.