Qobuz integration in Roon?


Not Quote sure If I understand your question. But just as an example: my Aurender is controlled via its own app, it is not Roon compatible (sadly). Aurender‘s app controls playback from locally stored files on its own hard disk as well as streaming from Tidal and Qobuz. Now if Roon incorporates streaming from Qobuz into its own core, I‘d have the same situation as with my Aurender: locally stored files on an SSD, streaming from Tidal and Qobuz, and all controlled by Roon Core. Essentially, I would have one redundant system.

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Thanks-- you will still need an endpoint though, wont you ?


Oh yes, the endpoint is my Devialet amp.

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You could go direct from Roon to the Devialet via Air or possibly RAAT if you have a new CI board when/if Devialet released RAAT.

So Qobuz support in Roon would definitely reduce the complexity in your system by one box. But you would have to set up a Roon Core on a machine someplace on your network.


Yes, you are perfectly right, I could go via Air, RAAT is not possible as I have not yet upgraded to the new CI board. However, I have had no wired connection so far to my Roon Core (only WiFi) and that is not such a good thing. I am having the house wired with Ethernet (actually the electrician started today but had to stop for the weekend, it took him much longer than anticipated), so the Devialet and the Mac Book Pro running the Roon Core will be hard-wired via Ethernet. Of course, I can try Air, but reading through various forums, Ethernet seems to be much more reliable.

I don’t know if my Expert 120 could be equipped with the CI board only, I doubt. Upgrading to the next higher Expert Pro 220 could be done, I just haven’t decided yet.


And, of course, RAAT integration with Devialet is still not available, but could be around the corner.

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For me, my ROON core is on my main computer in my studio. I have it connected via USB to my main audio system DAC in the living room. My main computer stays on 24/7. I have the Node2 in my main system, and connected to my DAC, for hi rez Qobuz. I could do Airplay (I have an apple Tv and airport extremes thruout house, but would be limited to 16/48 (which is fine fine for my ceiling and deck speakers). I only use the Node for Qobuz which I prefer any day over Tidal (I subscribe to Tidal as well). Heck, since using Roon, I have barely opened iTunes. I have over 45,000 ripped tracks in Apple
Lossless that integrated into Roon flawlessly. Plus, all my SACD’s are ripped and I have numerous Hi-Rez and DSD albums.

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I’m wondering if ROON is just waiting for QOBUZ US Version to launch. I’m willing to bet, QOBUZ is already being tested in the ROON labs


I can’t agree. Tidal doesn’t even have Metallica. Qobuz does.

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I don’t know where you live, because it can be a licensing issue, but when I look for Metallica on Tidal all albums are there.

The live albums, compilations and EP’ have separate sections.

I thought about it. and if you have fysical copies from all of their albums on your hard drive and loaded into roon, you might not see them on Tidal because of this setting:

See the ‘show hidden tracks and albums’? If you turn that off duplicates will not be shown in your Tidal library. Have you turned that setting off?


They aren’t in the USA.


They would show under Versions if you have the CD and also Tidal

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Yes, I know ‘they’ meaning Tidal are located in Sweden. That was not the point I was trying to make.


In the USA, literally all we get is the Metallica Lou Reed LuLu album. This is a screenshot directly from Tidal:

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Then it’s indeed a licensing issue like I hinted at in my first message. Must be frustrating. I remember that it took awhile for Metallica to appear on Spotify. I wasn’t aware they were not offered on Tidal in the US.

It also means it’s out of the hands of Tidal.

It’s still factually wrong to claim that ‘Tidal does not have Metallica’. If you are right, they don’t have them in the US. But they do have them in my and many other countries.

True, the US is a pretty big market but there are other countries in the world and there Metallica is available on Tidal.

Btw, how do you know Metallica will be available on Qubuz in the US? Qobuz is not available in the US yet. And if it’s a licensing issue, the same licensing might apply for Qobuz in the US when it comes to Metallica.

But leaving licensing issues and Metallica aside, I have a first month subscription with Qobuz and for me their catalog when it comes to metal, especially black metal and death metal, is much smaller than the Tidal catalog in the same genres. The Tidal catalog is not perfect ie. complete, but it’s much bigger than that of Qobuz when it comes to those genres.

I’ll stay with Tidal for now. They are offering me a much broader selection.


But one cannot possibly make a statement that Tidal wins for metal when it doesn’t even include the #1 most popular selling metal band in the USA.

I will be dropping Tidal ASAP mainly because it uses MQA when I can get more perfectly pure high res streaming without MQA with Qobuz.

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As a subscriber to both, Qobuz has a must better rounded catalog and a huge chunk in HI REZ. Qobuz is probably a close second to APPLE Music as far as big selection. I favor Jazz, Classical, electro and classic rock. Qobuz wins the battle easily. I think general pop,rap, etc…both are even.

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Hopefully us folks in the U.S. will find out soon!


Still seems to be some momentum there…

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For those who are using Qobuz in the US with the CEDIA2018 promo code, it is unclear which country the license is linked to. The app still contains some French and if go to website it will either say unavailable or be linked to UK signup and then say not available.

They also missed their self imposed end of Oct launch date and no new one has been announced. They are still promoting at different state events so I assume launch target is still before end of the year. They also said roon integration would be there at start but since continue to miss launch deadlines, I doubt you can take their word for it.