Qobuz integration in Roon?

(iamoneagain) #390

So looks like we’re getting very close. There was an update to the iPhone app. Gone are the French text. Albums that didn’t stream before like the Smiths and the Cure now work. I think this may now be linked to the US catelog. For some reason it is not showing any new releases on the discover page.

I play around with it some more and compare to Tidal.

(R. Neal) #391

There are a couple of us-en pages now…

The second one is the download store. You can search but you cannot buy.

(Jason Southard) #392

You can use PayPal to pay and use a foreign credit card?

(Henry) #393

Metallica have taken all of their music distribution in house on their own record label in the USA. They may well be using the existing distribution networks for the rest of the world. They seem to be OK with streaming in principle and claim to be ‘on them all’ and make particular mention of Spotify and Apple Music. I do wonder if Qobuz could entice them in for USA lossless streaming. It would be a bit of a coup if they could.

(Bart Verhoeven) #394

That sucks. All Metallica albums available in Singapore.

(Christoph Longree) #395

Having a hard time justifying the higher price for Qobuz… also a little awkward u have to pay a full year in advance… not 4 me… I like to be able to quit when I want…


Yeah that is one of the decisions we have to make with Roon. Oh. You meant Qobuz…

Seriously though - it isn’t that different from the Roon model. To some it’s expensive. To others good value. Some advocate lifetime memberships. Others want monthly…

(Christoph Longree) #397

Roon is fine because it means a lifetime subscription and I use it as the software of my choice to play my owned and ripped CDs - further it is compatible with Tidal to add occasional stuff I don`t actually own on Vinyl/CD/Download - I look at Roon more like a piece of hardware that I decided to use for long term future playback… with streaming service u never know what will happen next.

Qobuz and Tidal etc are - opposed to Roon - big rental stores where u actually own nothing and get use of playback for a limited time… totally different invest than Roon.


My point was that when it comes to spending folks will decide themselves. I’m not trying to convince you Qobuz is good value. Or Roon is bad value. I’ve made my choice on both. So have you. And so will everyone else.

In my case I wasn’t keen on Qobuz for a long time - primarily because of price. I changed my mind.


@mpd - right!!! heaven forbid it will become another Android vs IOS war.

Both platforms have their benefits and disadvantages.

I’ve cancelled all my (ie Qobuz and Tidal) streaming accounts for now, haha. I’m using Cloudplayer and 2tb of Dropbox storage as my go-to streaming system at least for now.

Ill reconsider Qobuz if and when Roon integrates (how it integrates, if it will integrate the offline aspect also), and if Roon shows any clear indication of releasing a good mobile solution with support for streaming services, again with offline integration on the mobile device - That’s the game changer I’m looking for to really embrace streaming.

(paolo) #400

if you “need to” :stuck_out_tongue: still buy digital downloads… Qobuz streaming can pay by itself (partly or in full) with the discounts (and special offers) you get with a Sublime+ subscription :wink:

(Dale Clark) #401

As a Sublime member, I have purchased a few downloads and they are quite reasonable. I purchased Elvis is Back for $8.99 last year.


That’s a fair point that I had forgotten about - and maybe why Qobuz could stand a chance. When I bought Apple Music, I stopped buying music from Apple. Same for Google. And Tidal (no option to buy). But Qobuz I have bought music from.


You can buy through Tidal. Through a browser.


I regularly buy music from Qobuz. I like their HiRes files, as opposed to Tidal’s MQA, although I quite like MQAs, but I am not aware that one can buy them. Over time, I am building up a personal library so that I am not depending on streaming solely.

(simon arnold) #405

In two months I have only found 2 albums that had significant discount not all labels or music is treated the same on Qobuz and I have still found them cheaper elsewhere. They vastly overcharge for CD quality which is only available for a lot of music I would buy. So for me it’s all overpriced, I’ll stick with Tidal and buy CDs or the of hires when it is cheap if ever. It’s just marketing bs nothing is free in this world.

(R. Neal) #407

Did not know this. Thanks!

(paolo) #408

please, point me to these sites that do sell cheaper than Qobuz :no_mouth:

bought 4-500 HiRes albums in these last 5-6 years, always checking, first, if better price was available elsewhere and… always found Qobuz was the cheapest (… for HiRes, with a Sublime plan!)
re CD quality… yes: sometimes, buying the physical CD is cheaper. sometimes!

anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #409

For a moment, I read


(paolo) #410

… would be just 3 a day :wink: