Qobuz integration in Roon?


I like the way the newer internet connected cable tv boxes handle multiple services - 1 search, results returned by provider. Roon already has it’s ‘version’ functionality, so hopefully they could extend it out to Qobuz should it ever be part of Roon.

(Sean) #432

If you ask their support (nicely) they’ll manually enable you to download it again… happened to me once.

(Henry) #433

UPnP/DNLA gives them what they need. RAAT is additional functionality they wouldn’t want to have to maintain.


That would depend on where they are taking their offering… Looking at their interface, I am reminded of Roon is some respects.

(Henry) #435

I might look like a film star. Doesn’t mean I can act!


This is true - I just think that Qobuz seem to have copied Roon somewhat with their software. They already have a pretty significant streaming capability with Chromecast, DNLA, Airplay and endpoints with built in streaming capability.

Roon is better - a lot better - in my view in terms of discovery and also (crucially) library management… but what if Qobuz add users own CD’s rips/digital music? Clearly they are never going to be able to integrate other streaming services, but whilst Roon only has TIDAL… with that limitation I think Roon is falling between two stools… It doesn;t have the breadth of the integrated offerings with multiple streaming services and it’s not a music service. Maybe that is the point, but it makes it somewhat of a risk that either a music service or a manufacturer (like Bluesound) eats them up… maybe that is the exit strategy, who knows.


Why would you expect to be able to download the music again? If you lose or damage a CD you don’t get to ask for another at no cost.


Because we don’t live in the 80’s.
The cost of replacing a CD is completely different and also sometimes impossible if the CD is no longer sold/produced. It’s completely incomparable to a 1min download, where server space and bandwidth are already sunk costs.
With most digital products, if you buy it, you can re-download it and apply a licence or digitally captured proof of purchase. This is because it costs next to zero (and often zero) to offer the download.
If you downloaded Roon and paid a lifetime licence and your hard drive corrupted, do you think it would be fair to ask you to pay for it again?
Give me a break.:v:

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Of course, you were able to access one of your backups to recover everything, right? :wink:


My back up and PC were both water damaged.
I didn’t back it up to the cloud, unfortunately.:roll_eyes:

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My snark aside, a proper backup strategy involves at least one off-site copy of your data held with a friend/family member.


Yeah - tell me about it. Lesson learned. Luckily not such an expensive error.

(Andrea - Italy) #443

I’m regularly buying from Highresuadio.com Music always available for download and excellent customer service


That is a poor analogy with Roon software. Roon is not liable for having to keep track of monies they owe to the license holders of music content as HDTracks or similar are required. Because your system fails you expect them to provide another copy for free and justify to any audit by rights holders why they are giving away copies of files without paying royalties.


Not really - plenty of other sites allow multiple downloads - Qobuz being an example.
There is also a direct link to the purchaser through account details and order history on HD tracks.
It’s just as easy for anyone purchasing the music to pass on their digital file - or make multiple copies.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

(Fernando Pereira) #447

I still buy occasionally from HDtracks, but their Web site is by far the worst of all online hi-res stores. Even logging in is a chore. Maybe the reason they do not support multiple downloads is simply that they are not investing much in making their site better. Or their deal with labels is more restrictive than those of stores with more negotiating or regulatory clout. I would not put it past the major labels to impose draconian contract terms if they can.

My solution to this problem is to have both removable drive backups and cloud backups for all downloaded music. My main music storage is a Sinology NAS. I do regular local backups onto portable USB drives, one of which I try to keep at work. I’ve also set up the NAS to incrementally backup digital downloads periodically to a cloud storage provider (Google Cloud in my case), using the Synology Hyper Backup app.

(Andrea - Italy) #448

Sorry, I made a mistake in typing the link - highresaudio.com

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I like Naxos and their iOS app now allows users to download music to listen to offline, so that’s cool.

I’d love to see Naxos integrated with Tidal but I guess that won’t happen. Is Qobuz integration still a possibility? I tried going back through the thread to figure that out.

(Dale Clark) #450

I think everyone, in general, will love how Qobuz is integrated into ROON. Really a nice addition