Qobuz integration in Roon?


Isn’t that a subjective opinion in itself? Everyone here is writing from their perspective. And their opinion. Including you.

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Yes, of course! That’s the whole bleedin’ point!

On the subject of pdf booklets, it is extremely presumptuous of anyone without first-hand knowledge of the development stack that Roon are following to assume that they are going to bake this functionality into their integration. There’s very limited support as it stands for .jpg files to be stored and displayed with local content today, but I wouldn’t be hanging my hat on this be made available for a streaming partner integration.


With respect to your answer concerning high res streaming: just as SUBJECTIVE!

I‘m speaking about the technical feasibility, not whether you Card or not

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Yes, you have finally grasped the concept of subjectivity :+1:


And I need a confirmation from you to tell me that I understand the concept of subjectivity :grin::+1:

(Mark) #478

I’m not the one who made the original unqualified statement about Qobuz, then justified it with a bunch of riders that were either subjective or not confirmed to be coming to the Roon UI.

You can say you prefer Qobuz because of x and y and z. The we can have a discussion about how important x and y are to each of us, and whether z is even going to be incorprated into Roon. But to just say “Qobuz is way, way better than Tidal” is to invite a challenge.


Maybe, that is possible, I haven‘t seen that article. When I run the same 16/44.1 PCM file from Tidal and from Qobuz on my Aurender, I would be hard pressed to notice a difference. But of course, this is via Aurender that could brush over some differences in SQ.

But wouldn‘t it be nice if the Roon community had the choice between the two streaming services? And I guess Roon would also profit in terms of attractivity for potential customers.


For goodness’ sake guys, lighten up :sunny::partying_face::heart_eyes:

We’re so fortunate to have the option open to us for 2 excellent platforms to stream at hi res, unlimited amounts of music for next to nothing.

It’s about apples and pears, oranges and satsies.

We don’t have to seek global acceptance of one service or the other. Long may both continue and long may Roon embrace further services into its fold.

Cheers in music! :beers::beers::beers::beers:

Oh, yes , the reason for my coming to this thread again…Hires is now available here in switzerland on a monthly basis, yay!

(iamoneagain) #481

For me, based on my current trial, I’d have to stick with Tidal. With Qobuz, I’ve come across many albums not available or unable to stream that are available on Tidal. I also like that Tidal has a deeper genre breakdown than Qobuz.

I’m hoping when Qobuz goes live in US that catelog will be matched and that roon also releases their mobile service so would just use roon interface for either service.

I also think Qobuz might have better sound quality than Tidal but I’m already running roon thru HQPlayer so might only have slight benefit of having 24/192 vs 24/96 converted MQA upsampled to 128dsd. Also not sure how many Qobuz albums are even at 24/192.


My reason for choosing Qobuz were the discounts when buying and the HD streaming they offer.
Unlike the fake HD Audio streaming Tidal offers atm.
I look forward to Qobuz integration.


I think integration with Qobuz has the potential to be great. I like the hires audio. I like the PDF booklets (as long as you don’t have to go into a different interface for them) and I like the human curated playlists and editorials. There is scope to make more available than with Tidal today.

But we wait and see what it turns out to be.


The announcements from both companies (Roon and Qobuz) have been remarkably absent. This worries me. If it was to be implemented within the upcoming months they probably would have announced something already. Fingers crossed that I am wrong.


Use Audirvana

(iamoneagain) #486

Well Qobuz even had it in writing the roon integration would be there once US launch went live. But they also said end of Oct 2018.

Roon no longer posts exact future plans or gives dates especially after MQA support was delayed by more than a year.

(Joe Strain) #487

I still cant load the Qobuz app on my Windows 10 PC here in New York without it crashing. I can occasionally get it to play a track here or there, if I’m lucky, but, the whole endeavor is extremely sluggish, with both mouse clicks and typing input failing to register nine times out of ten. The only way I’ve been able to enjoy my RMAF trial on a consistent basis thus far has been through Bluesound’s integration.

It’s really too bad that they’ve postponed the launch. My trial expires on December 21st.

I also have to say, I’m really disappointed in the discounts, as well. A lot of the early hi-res IS discounted (Think a lot of the 2011-2014ish WMG stuff), and certain box sets, like The Doors, or Guns N’ Roses new AFD set, are HEAVILY discounted (almost to the point of criminality, frankly), but, overall, most of the stuff I’ve looked for has seen discounts of a couple of bucks, at best, with a great many releases, such as those by The Smiths, Radiohead and Tom Waits, not discounted at all. For a selling point that is so highly-touted, I expected better.

(Henry) #488

The primary advantage of having Qobuz in the family is it offers Roon users greater choice and some redundancy should either company get into trouble. Roon will be a stronger proposition with both so for some of the fan boys out there, don’t wish Tidal away so quickly. It has served its purpose admirably when Qobuz was still trying to decide what it wanted to be. Credit where it is due.

(Mike O'Neill) #489

I gave IDAGIO a look , it’s very well stocked, FLAC etc and v cheap , ZAR 60 , < $5 a month

Another candidate?

It only runs through apps so difficult to wire up with hifi but worth a look

Ps Classical only though

(Christoph Longree) #490

Had both 4 a while, started with Tidal, changed to Qobuz, went back to Tidal… better value, better music catalog (4 my taste) and better SQ on standard FLAC 44.1/16…

(Mark) #491

All of this ^^

(Robert McHugo) #492

Well said Sallah-48. Let’s enjoy the music! #hiresheaven!!