Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Dale Clark) #493

The QOBUZ app for OSX and iOS has been quite stable for me. As far as discounts, I think much has to do with the streaming licensing for the particular album on how much QB can discount. I have not downloaded from HD Tracks in a couple years, however, I believe some albums may be exempt from their 15% off sales they have every now and then (at least a acouple years ago).

(Jimmytwotimes) #494

June 2018…late Fall 2018 … Early 2019…

I suspect the next delay will be to mid 2019.

(Joe Strain) #495

To my knowledge, there are no albums exempt from the 15% off sale at HDTracks. There are times where you have to spend X amount to get X percent off, but they don’t restrict where you can save. Regardless, the reasons for why the Qobuz discounts seem so slight also have a lot to do with the exchange rate, so, I suppose it’s hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the value proposition. We’ll have to wait for the launch.

(Daniel) #496

Qobuz currently down. I don’t think they are prepared to receive the amount traffic that launching in US will generate.

(Dale Clark) #497

Ahhh good info. I have downloaded quite a few files from Acoustic Sounds with promo codes, coupons, sales, etc and have never been restricted. I’ve downloaded many major label HI REZ JAZZ albums (Blue Train, etc) from QOBUZ in the the $4.99 (before exchange) price range. Quite a discount verses full price versions on AS or HDT

(Mark) #498

I’d be surprised if they hang the US service off the back of their existing servers and hosts.

(Joe Strain) #499

Absolutely great deals to be had, no question. I’m not a massive Jazz fan, but, the few artists I do enjoy, I’m very passionate about. There are undoubtedly great prices on a lot of that stuff. I’m not the most ardent Classical fan out there (though I do enjoy a bit), but, are those releases marked down heavily as well?

(simon arnold) #500

Not for me its not and i currently have both.

(dan baldwin) #501

For those that are chiming in and have both, could you please elaborate as to why you prefer one over the other and also maybe state your genre preferences in case that is relevant ?
Thank you !!

(simon arnold) #502

The available music on the platform. I have had Qobuz twice over the years and currently on sublime+ free trial for the last two and bit month and it never seems to cover all my bases as well as Tidal has for independent music in the UK and US which is my primary listening. Qobuz has a huge chunk of my current Tidal collection missing and I can’t find some of these to buy anymore either. It’s better than it was but still significantly behind.

Quality is not an issue as it’s excellent on both, but tbh I don’t like eithers own apps at all find them clumsy to use. Unless you use the desktop app on Qobuz finding hires is not that easy either and I hate the fact it drops you out of the app to purchase the music.

And finally I find Qobuz vastly overcharge for downloads of cd quality to prop up the discounts on Sublime + accounts which grates with me and even though I currently have sublime + its rare to find albums I want in hires that have the discount. Not everyone really gives a hoot for hires so why should they suffer, stinks of elitism. I will be letting my subscription slide at the end of dec when this trial ends.

(Christoph Longree) #503

Had both too - absolute same experience here.

(Jimmytwotimes) #504

I have looked at the libraries and man is Qobuz missing a lot of indie artists I listen to. Also newer jazz artists.

(John Walker) #505

I have the EXACT OPPOSITE experience.

I often cannot find the releases I want (mostly classical) on Tidal, while they’re almost always available on Qobuz. Likewise, almost every release I want is available as a high-res download - I save (literally) hundreds of dollars / year on the downloads with Sublime service.

As others have noted, it will depend on the type of music you like.


I think it’s great there is a disparity between availability between services. Otherwise you’re just getting the same old same old in a different box :slight_smile:

(Johan) #507

That’s why I shall take both if Qobuz is coming to Roon. Best of both world.

(Dale Clark) #508

Joe, I listen to classical quite a bit and have a big collection of SACD’s and CD’s. However, I have not purchased any Classical thru QB. I really think QB excels with classical HI rez as far as streaming is concerned.

(Joe Strain) #509

Thanks for the reply, Dale. Sure wish I could get the Windows app to actually play anything! :confounded:


What issue are you having with the Windows app? Make sure that you do not have another application running that has exclusive control over the audio subsystem. I have run into that issue where it is the other way around. I run Qobuz in exclusive mode and I sometime forget that I have it running in the background, which prevents youtube or any other app that needs access to audio from working.


I’m in the USA. Up until yesterday or so, when I went to Qobuz.com I saw a message “… not yet available in your country…”

Today I see Qobuz beta try it for free… so something is happening maybe?

A closed beta is the message I see :frowning:

(James Antognini) #512

I (I’m in the US) just looked at the Qobuz download store. Things appear to be available, although not a huge selection. Prices look slightly better than Presto Classical, which is my go-to place for downloads.

But the streaming beta is closed to me, too.