Qobuz integration in Roon?

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Leaving aside the streaming beta’s availability, I found nothing about streaming working through Roon. Instead, there were hardware partners like Linn, Sony and Auralic, plus smartphones/tablets and PCs.

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Seems my free trial using CEDA2018 is over. App was asking for password and it didn’t work. Then tried forgot password and claims didn’t even had my email address. When I try to reregister is said I had to be invited to register.

Well at least that means we’re getting close. I had the at least have another free trial so I can try to actual US version of the app.

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Thanks for checking in, shadowlight. I appreciate it!

I have my Roon core running at all times and in exclusive mode, but, it’s not playing anything while I’m trying to use Qobuz.

My main issues seem to revolve around actually interacting with the UI (ie. clicks, scrolls, selecting menu items, etc.) It is excruciatingly slow, oftentimes not registering any input at all. Heaven forbid I should actually try to play anything! I’m lucky if I’ve gotten to hear more than three or four songs in a week since my trial began.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, I’m in the US. Yes, I probably shouldn’t be using it right now. Here’s the thing: For a long time, Qobuz has allowed users across the pond like me to not-so-secretly use their service simply by e-mailing the customer service department. It was maybe about three or so years ago that they stopped providing new accounts in this fashion, though, to my knowledge, anyone who was previously provided an account can still use it.

In terms of a PC, I’ve got a low-voltage Core i5, 16 gb of RAM, an SSD, and a circa 2015 mid-range mobile graphics card, an NVidia 860M. This is my main machine, and, yes, the same PC I am currently using to run my core (I know, I know). I only bring that last bit up because I have had no issues whatsoever running Roon, Tidal, the FIFA games, or anything else. It’s just this blasted Qobuz app!

Is it possible that it is because I’m a US-based user, located in NY, who should not be using it right now and who happened to get slightly lucky by getting a code? Am I being punished somehow? LOL I really don’t know, but, it’s definitely been driving me a bit batty!


I am at a loss on why you are having issues with the UI. It should work. One other thing to check and see if there is an option to restart the application after the upgrade, which might give you the UI issues.

I am based in NJ and no issues so far playing via one of the codes provided.

If you have an account on Computeraudiophile there is an issues thread where two members of Qobuz team actively participate.

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funny thing is everytime I try to sign up for the trial it tells me “closed beta in your country” and won’t take my payment but it keeps pushing the date of the trial expiration back another 30 days lol. Today the free month takes me to 07/2019!

If they don’t invite me soon I’ll have 2 years of free service lol!

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Thanks for checking back in, Shadow. I really have no idea what else to try here. I’ll go check out the thread on CA and see what they have to say. Thanks for the recommendation, and I’ll keep you posted!


Does that mean they’ve pushed the launch date to 06/19?!

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lol. I tried agian, good until august now :slight_smile:
they will save a ton of $$$ by letting me in!

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Is there a beta of Roon software with Qobuz integration for those of us in the Qobuz beta?


(Mark) #523

I think you know full well there isn’t.

Is this really the type of question to be spamming support with?

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How would I know there isn’t? Is it confirmed there isn’t? I didn’t want post this but I couldn’t find an email for support… I’m not sure how this qualifies as spam though if there is no other way to ask a question?


If Qobuz interation is coming to roon soon the it’s likely being tested. Qobuz is far from beta in Europe :wink:


Don’t worry about snotty comments.

On the other hand, this topic has been discussed over and over and is up to date.
All one has to do is a cursory search on the forum to get the latest answer.

As for an email for support, there isn’t one, but that really begs the question about spamming support, doesn’t it?

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Quoting the only relevant elements of this post.

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I know it’s not beta in Europe but I heard from a dealer talking to a Roon rep that Roon has the Qobuz integration done and they are just waiting to release it with Qobuz’s US launch. Maybe that’s not true but if it is it would make sense that a beta would be available/possible

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Roon doesn’t run public Beta testing in the way that many game developers do. Historically there haven’t been any posts from the devs requesting expressions of interest from users about participating in Beta testing.

Edit: This Forum is a place where any Roon user is welcome to ask any questions they have about Roon. People have varying degrees of familiarity with the Forum but they are all welcome. Mods float about shifting threads in and out of the various categories, but users shouldn’t refrain from posting because they are unsure where to put something. We try to keep Support as a category for users who are experiencing problems, so we often shift stuff out of Support into other categories. It’s not a big deal, the main thing is that everyone is welcome to post and ask questions.


@Matt_Lathrop Are you in US? How did you get in the closed Qobuz Beta?

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The beta is open to dealers, media, etc if you email them.


None of those here, just a common person.

I did email them though, and I was told early next year, at the OPEN Beta