Qobuz integration in Roon?

(Jason P) #573

I’m in Canada.I have a Moon dac with a streamer which has Deezer,Tidal,and Qobuz,Vtuner radio and Tunein


Great. Hope you enjoy it.


Airplay unfortunately only goes to 24/48kHz maximum. But most often it is 16/44.1kHz. Hires gets downsampled.

(Andrew Cox) #576

If you use Airplay, all Hi-Res will be downsampled. RAAT doesn’t have that problem.

(Henry) #577

Roon will present Qobuz as part of Roon. So like Tidal what you see is Roon with options to search the Tidal database and stream Tidal tracks. Qobuz should be the same. The major difference if included might be the ability to purchase music but I don’t know how that would be done.


That’s what I am afraid of - implementing Qobuz in that wa y would be a bit of a mess.
It would be far better, imo, to search for content and have the available versions shown for Library, Tidal, Qobuz.


I think Roon said a long time ago they didn’t want to go down this path of selling music so unless Qobuz make it a condition of integration I don’t think it will happen. But who knows (well Roon does but they won’t tell us!).

(Henry) #580

I would see that as buying through Roon, not from them!

(Ged) #581

I hope they improve the display of search as it always shows Artist, Album then Tracks it doesn’t adapt like Tidal or Spotify.

(Derek Wyman) #582

Finally got my trial subscription (in the us)!

It’s an xmas miracle lol

(Robert ) #583

I signed up for the Qobuz beta so hopefully I hear from them soon…

(JohnV) #584

You got the “golden ticket” invite, or just walked in the door?

(Derek Wyman) #585

I believe if you buy a downloadable track/album they let you in. Worked for me. Plus i got my Xmas shopping done lol.

(JohnV) #586

I was thinking of going sublime, THEN buying. But I can afford list price. :slight_smile:

(Robert ) #587

Sent an email to Qobuz requesting to participate in their beta. They responded by instructing me to send my request to a specific person which I did. Still awaiting further instructions.

(R. Neal) #588

I am seeing the US signup and store pages in live beta.

(Andrew Stein) #589

Where? An attempt to purchase in the store led to a request to register. That didn’t work because the service is in beta.

(Derek Wyman) #590

I have had an account (UK) but could never sign up for a subscription (wouldn’t accept payment from the us). After I purchased an album for dl, I went thru the subscription process again and it took my payment.

Everything seems to work. Streamed for a few hours last night. Am stuck as a UK user but that’s ok :wink:

I had read somewhere that making a purchase could open the sealed door. Not sure if it did or if it was just a coincidence. I could always sign up just never could make a payment to start the trial.

(Andrew Stein) #591

Interesting. It won’t let me purchase unless I sign up first, but it also won’t let me sign up.

(Robin Carmack) #592

This is my experience too.