Qobuz Integration [Now integrated]

Agree but I use Qobuz to Explore and try new music. When I 've found something I like , I just buy the album, more often in hi-res on Qobuz. So I enjoy usin Roon with all the Hi-res sound I got from Qobuz… what I miss is an integrated software where I can browse / buy / listen Hi-res stuff with metadata experience as offered by Roon. If it can’t work for now, I guess I will move back to Audirvana + Roon Sublime subscription. Too bad for Roon, but my priorities are there…

I too buy most my music from Qobuz but see no reason to not use Tidal instead of Qobuz for streaming. If I like an album I’ve listened to on Tidal I just head over to Qobuz or another store that has the album and download it… or buy the CD and rip it

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It’s just that for the kind of music I listen to, I prefer Qobuz than Tidal, since their catalog is different.

And it seems like a bit of a waste of money if you have Sublime already to add Tidal

Can we just state again that the impediment here is NOT Roon it is Qobuz so moaning on here will achieve very little however moaning on the Qobuz site might make them change their minds. If you feel strongly enough do what I did, cancel your Qobuz account and tell them why you did it. You never no they may take notice if enough people do.


[quote=“stevev1, post:170, topic:6767, full:true”]
I too buy most my music from Qobuz but see no reason to not use Tidal instead of Qobuz for streaming.[/quote]

main reason, apart the kind of music one is mostly looking for, is that a Qobuz Sublime subscription pays by itself with the discounts you get while purchasing HiRes on Qobuz which also happens, most of the times, to have way better prices for non HiRes material too (even though sometimes Amazon or eBay have slightly better deals on CDs you, then, have to rip)

Is there a plan to integrate Qobuz in the likes of what the TIDAL integration is implemented today ?

A small search will reveal several (long) topics of discussion about Qobuz.

@Christian_Chateauvie, I’ve merged your post into this topic … It’s quite long but worth a read so you up to speed.

Thanks. Long read indeed. I’d switch to Qobuz too if they had a Roon-integration to the level of TIdal’s.


I just cancelled my Qobuz Sublime subscription and I wrote as an explanation, that I am doing this, because Qobuz forced me to, based on the missing Roon integration. I also wrote, that I am not looking for a Qobuz service that provides similar functionality like Roon. I want a native Roon integration, because Roon is a fundamental element of my audio setup and will not be exchanged by anything else. I also wrote, that in general I prefer the audio catalogue of Qobuz over Tidal, but the bad user experience due to missing Roon integration, leaves me with no other choice than to go with Tidal. Let’s see… if enough people do the same, they might rethink their strategy.


Bluesound supports Qobuz; i wonder whether the coming bluesound roon implementation will allow one to easily switch between roon and the BS app, which would at least give you the option of having roon, tidal, and qobuz all via the same device.

Crikey, the similarities between Qobuz and Devialet are remarkable. Must be a French thing.

Sadly Qubuz does not have plans to go into ROON 2017.
What to do, now …

I can’t agree more. I am in classical music and their sound / choice is great.

Thanks a lot in anticipation,


Hi Franz,

If you scroll up the thread you will see that Roon remains open to integration with Qobuz, but Qobuz has responded to requests by users by indicating it will be adding Roon like features to its’ own software. Accordingly the best place to make your interest in Roon/Qobuz integration known is to Qobuz.

Hi Andy, could we have a big flashing fluorescent header with this on it as it gets a bit tiresome having to tell people every 5 or 6 posts to scroll up a bit and read the same thing over and over again :smiling_imp:

Closing this thread because nothing more can be said about this topic here… push Qobuz if you want this feature. Roon can not proceed without their willingness.

Anyone with news about Qobuz business plans is welcome to post in the new Qobuz News and Correspondence thread..

This thread was creating the misleading impression that making a request of Roon might advance the prospects of Qobuz integration, and that is not the case. Read further up this thread and you will see how the story has unfolded.