Qobuz integration problem

Can this be improved? Have chosen to move away from Tidal because everything seems to be going MQA, but qobuz in roon is just crap sorry. Whats with the new releases tab? The first thing I see is hot rats from 1979?

There is qobuz grand selection, none of these are new releases

Then there is Still trending none of these are new releases

Then there is Press releases, none of these are new releases

Then there is top albums on qobuz, none of these are new releases.

There are infact no new releases in that tab at all, its rubbish,

Roon is just presenting what Qobuz themselves define… I’m not saying it makes much sense, but it is not Roon’s fault.

Actually you are wrong - Zappa’s Hot Rats and other albums are indeed being shown as new releases in HI-RES - even Qobuz’s main page shows the same thing.

Hot Rats is a new release, as in it’s a newly released reissue. The Grand Selection contains actual new releases (as in new albums) as well.

The exact way in which this is all presented is a Qobuz, rather than Roon, decision.

Most of Zappa’s work has just been rereleased on Qobuz so as far as Roon is concerned they ARE new releases.

Some people do get worked up over something or nothing when a little bit of research would have been enlightning.

Sure the Qobuz/Roon integration is not perfect, just today Roon could not find an album but when I searched on Qobuz app I found it.
Now that is likely a search parameter slightly off so Qobuz did not recognize what Roon was looking for.
No Idea whose side it was on but that’s my theory anyway fwiw.

Enjoy Qobuz and Roon, it’s not all Doom and Gloom I assure you.

Not sure where you are getting doom and gloom from, this forum is for discussion, my discussion point is the integration is not great.

Taking Hot Rats for instance, there is no evidence what so ever in roon that this is a re-release I have looked all over the info and pdf etc nothing, the date is for its original release date. So now I have to leave roon to go find out why its showing as a new release. Actually so far as I can tell its not re release at all. Its just in a higher res format so is now a new release? Thats not a great experience, but trust me I am still sleeping at night if it helps :slight_smile:

At least its not MQA bollocks so thats something.

I used the word “reissue” when, perhaps, I should have been more accurate. As other have said, it is the first time that his albums have been issued in hi-res. That’s why they’re in the Grand Selection.

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Yeah fair enough. I guess I need to look in quboz to understand that’s the case, nothing in roon to indicate. Hey ho.

In the Qobuz app you can hover over the album and it will give you the release date, e.g. Hot Rats is showing as 10th Oct 1969, whereas the releases on either side are showing as 16th April 2021.

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Now you’re onto something!

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I never heard this Frank Zappa Hot Rats album before. It’s quite eclectic certainly worth a listen!

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Its a great album, Burnt weeny has been reissued as well, also a great album.