Qobuz is not streaming with Roon

I’m unable to stream music from Qobuz anymore.

My Core and library are in a PC (ASUS with intell 12th gen, 8TB SSD and 128GB RAM).

I’m a current subscriber to Qobuz and able to stream to any other computer or device.

All of a sudden two weeks ago, I was not able to stream music via Qobuz. It identifies the albums from the Qobuz online library in the Roon search but will not play them. I receive messages of “too many errors” and “this track is currently not available” - I have e taken screenshots.

I have rebooted the computer, logged out and in from both Roon and Qobuz. Changes passwords, re-synched libraries, but nothing seem to resolve it. I even went to the web browser and heart a specific album I was able to play via the app, went back to roon and synced the library. It provythe sane error.

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Apart from Qobuz everything, playing from my local library works well.

Does this happen to all albums? If not remove the album that doesn’t play from your Qobuz libary andsearch for the album again and add it again. Resync afterwards. If it happens with all albums log out Qobuz, reboot the core and log in with e-mail and password.

It happens with every album from my library or online search. I tried to reboot everything, including Roon Core and Qobuz without change.

Did you reboot your router as well with you entire network?

Yes, I reboot the router and entire network.

How is your Roon Core machine connected to the router?

The router is connected to an eero mesh device, and the PC is hardwired to the eero unit and there is great connection. The same problem occurs if I join via wifi. My other computers play Qobuz without issues

I see.
However, there must be a reason for this.

Did you try another cable, as a test?

yes, there must be a reason that we can’t point out. I would assume that if this was a cable issue, wifi should have solved it? Also, I’m able to play Qobuz on the web browser in the same PC but not via Roon.

Not necessarily.
Wifi is not recommended at all for a core machine.
Would you be willing, just as a test, to bypass the eero mesh device and connect your PC directly to the router via LAN cable?

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Yes, of course. I removed the eero and connected the PC directly to the router with LAN cable. Same issue. What I also figured out during this time, that I’m unable to play Qobuz via the web browser on this PC but able on any other computer or device.

Are you logged in to Qobuz with the right credentials (email and PW) to the right account, not a test account?

Yes, of course. It shows my name and streaming subscription. However, when I play an album, its just jump from one track to the next every 3 sec. It only occurs with this PC. I’m not sure if this is related to the Roon issue, but could be

Can you try

500Mbps - this is not the issue

Then I’m sorry to have to get off here @Elad_Anter.
I don’t know enough about other possible causes and hope that someone else will step in here who can help you further.

Maybe you’ll find the solution here. Your problem seems to be network related.

Hey @Elad_Anter,

Following up on this thread, are you still having issues streaming music from Qobuz?

If so, please take note of the date and time the next time this issue occurs, and share that info here. We’ll be able to take a closer look at what might be going on at the time of the playback issue :+1:

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