Qobuz isn't working. Logged in but not playing. Radio works. What's going on

It work for a little while and then stopped working.
All the settings are fine.
Would be really nice if there was a phone number I could call since I’m disabled and have trouble typing

This might be relevant to your case as well

This confirms other people are having the same problem and yet no response from support.

How does one address a problem if it’s so difficult to contact people from roon?

That confirms that you did not take the time to read through the thread linked above or you would have stumbled upon the response from support:

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There is a sticky thread in the support category of the forum that explains how to report issues with Roon:

Another sticky thread emerged, that might be relevant:

For support to see your post, your thread needs to be created in the #support category instead of leaving it to be Uncategorized.