Qobuz "Latest Release"

On several occasions, Roon is not showing an album that is listed on the Qobuz Artist Page as a “Latest Release”. One example: search Eric Dolphy in the Qobuz desktop app and the “Latest Release” is an album called Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions. The rest of the albums are under the heading “Releases”. In Roon, it seems only those items in “Releases” show up under the same artist.

I can check with Qobuz, but one question – is this album playable for you?

I am seeing it under Latest Release like you are, but I can only play 30 second clips. Other albums on his page play the full songs.

Are you seeing the same thing, or are you getting 30s clips too? 30s clips are typically what we see when an account doesn’t have the rights to stream a given piece of content.

Thanks for letting us know @Dajokr :slight_smile:

Argh. It is samples, didn’t notice that. I thought I noted the same issue with albums that were not samples, but I’m not near my core so I can’t check. I’ll look again later.