Qobuz library mixed up with my library

Windows 10 64 bit version 2004 Roon 1.7 build 571

Wired network

My library is not showing my albums and is mixing up the Qobuz versions. Even if I turn on Show only my Library the Qobuz versions are still there. See pictures it lists two versions of the album Collage both Qobuz but I own the HD Tracks version and it is in my library.

Roon integrates local and streaming media; if you add a Qobuz release to your collection it will appear in your Roon library. This is expected behaviour.

If you look at the search results in the image you posted Roon informs you that, for example, Braveheart is available both in your library (this could be a local copy or favourited Qobuz or TIDAL release) or as streaming media.

Only show my library includes all versions added to Roon whether local media or streaming.

If you want to view your local media then go to LIBRARY > Albums and use Focus. On the Focus pane scrollto the right, select Format and choose ‘Qobuz’. Then invert the selection. You can bookmark this view for easy access.


That doesn’t explain why there are only two versions both listed as Quboz where is my own version?

I am worried if I quit Quboz it will screw up my library as happened with Apple Music when I stopped that.

It seems to be a problem when the files are FLAC if my version is ALac it shows up fine along side the Quboz versions

Can you show an example where your local copy isn’t listed under versions or as a separate release.

Log out of Qobuz inside Roon. Can you see the files now? This won’t mess up your library. Roon will restore all your Qobuz favourites when you log back in.

Actually I just checked and my version is ALAC so it’s not showing up at all. I’ll try rescanning and logout

My other problem is I can only run at maximized or full screen because it says my screen is too small? My screen is a 55” Sony running at 4K?

Ok now I see my ALAC version and it says 1 Library version above that and shows the location and says Primary Version and 2 Quboz versions below that, but if I click on the Quboz version it now says that is the Primary version with 1 Quboz version listed below that my ALAC version is not listed in versions. How do I remove a Quboz version from the Library but not remove it from being listed?

It would be really helpful if you confirmed that you have followed my suggestions and also provide screenshots as requested.


It’s better to start a new thread for a different problem.

Qobuz albums listed under the Versions tab aren’t necessarily in your library. Roon is showing all available versions of a particular release. You’ll see ‘Add To Library’ if the album is not in your collection (see image below) but it sounds like you have a Qobuz album in your collection and another is not. Do you have a local copy? If so it may be a separate release not shown under Versions. You can check this by going to the artist page and looking for multiple copies of the same album (second image–Lemonade/ LEMONADE.)

Hello @Mike_Sebahar1, can you send me a screenshot of the message you’re seeing here?

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