Qobuz loading slowly and then aborting

Hi, here’s my setup:

Roon Core Machine

asrock Deskmini 310, Intel i3, SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired Gigabit Ethernet throughout the house. All gear connected through Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi 4 running Volumio with Roon Bridge plugin.
The issue occurs with all endpoints i tried (Google Chormecast, dCS Rossini)

Library Size

125’000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I play a Qobuz album in Roon, I get a “Qobuz media is loading slowly” message and then playback is aborted.
This occurs with 24/96kHz and higher content.

Qobuz plays without issues:

  • in Roon with content in CD quality 16/44.1kHz
  • in Volumio at all samplerates, using Volumio’s built in Qobuz client
  • in dCS mosaic using mosaic’s build in Qobuz client
  • in the Qobuz Desktop app for Windows and iOS

So this issue seems to occur only in Roon.

Playing music from my NAS through Roon works fine at all samplerates

Same problem qobuz not load. In Bluesound OS everything its ok

Me too, today.
Sitting here in Germany…

I am still having the same issue. Qobuz unable to load anything with sample rate higher than 48kHz.
This happens with all my endpoints (Chord 2go/Hugo2, dCS Rossini via Ethernet)

When I stream Qobuz to Chord 2go/Hugo2 using mconnect, 24/192kHz works without any issues

Looks like an issue with Roon Core to me.
My network is 1GB/s Internet and 1GB/s ethernet throughout the house (all of the audio devices incl. Roon Core are connected via etherent)

I think I found the issue. Both Roon Core and the Endpoints were connected to the 100Mb/s side of the Melco S100. I have now moved the Roon Core to the 1000Mb/s side and everything seems to work fine

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Hey @jacobacci ,

I’m happy to hear that you got things going again after noticing the switch wiring. You’re welcome to post questions like this in the Support category of our site in the future.

As support staff it’s difficult to keep our eyes on the entire forum. If you post over there we’ll see your questions more quickly and lend a hand!

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