Qobuz login fails and roon update via the app fails - known solutions do not work

Roon Core Machine

Grimm MU1 Linux
Roon 1.8 (stable 1021)

Remote: MacBook Pro 10.15 Catalina
Roon 1.8 (stable 1021)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Lancom 1783 VAW
Switch 1: D-Link DGS 1016D
Switch 2: Ansuz DTC Supreme

Connected Audio Devices

Grimm LS1be

Number of Tracks in Library

No idea, around 15,000 I think

Description of Issue

I am using Roon since 3 years. There is a complex problem today that has never been encountered before.

(1) Qobuz login failed: “Unexpected error at registration”
Using the e-mail address and the password. Re-registration. No success.
I have deleted the cache in the Library. No success.
I switched off all network devices, the remote and the core and booted them up again. No success.

(2) Today also Roon-Update via the Roon app fails only for the remote: “An error occurred during the update request.”

Roon is otherwise running normally.

Tage same problem with an iMac and an older Roon version on that machine. This remote and the core have got different versions, so I would have to update the remote before connecting. “An error occurred during the update request.”

So I think it is no use to make a clean install of Roon at the Remote.

Are there any empirical values here and what might a solution look like?

Thanks a lot,

The issue of the Qobuz login failing on a Grimm MU1 device came up recently. It was solved by the customer contacting Qobuz directly to resolve it…

As for your second issue, you need to have your remotes running the same version of Roon as on your Roon Core. You may need to reinstall the correct version on your Remotes. see here for the relevant links:

Hi, thanks for your answer regarding Qobuz on the Grimm MU1!

In relation to the second issue: Remote and Core are both working with Roon 1.8 (stable 1021). The other failed attempt with an iMac and its older Roon version is not relevant. So how can I fix the first problem (no opportunity to update of the Roon version at the Remote)? By the way, I still haven’t updated the Core.

Thanks so much in advance.

There were two problems: the login from Qobuz via Roon fails and Roon cannot update the remote.

The solution is to delete Roon including the Roon preferences in the system and then reinstall Roon on the remote.

Roon has made changes to the Rendezvous protocol with the new version, also switching from dynamic to fixed port. Apparently, setups with version 1.8 do not always cope with this. It is a pity that Roon does not clearly communicate that a reinstallation of Roon on the remote may be necessary in case of problems.

Sound-wise, the new version 2.0 is indeed clearly superior to the previous version 1.8. Compliments for that!

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