Qobuz login fails repeatedly, but works on retry

Roon Core Machine

GMK nucbox w/ 8GB ram, and a basic intel celeron processor. Ubuntu 20.04 (GNU/Linux 5.15.0-46-generic x86_64)

Note that Roon core auto-updated to 2.0 this morning, and then these problems started

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UniFi wired ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

The GMK box → USB → Schtit Modi

Number of Tracks in Library

none, all streamed from Qobuz

Description of Issue

Starting this morning, with zero intentional changes to setup (networking, hardware, or software) from yesterday, Roon halts playback of Qobuz songs, complaining of login failure.

Retrying to login works every time, and I can restart the song. Most times I cannot make it through the song without needed to restart. I have managed to complete 2 1/2 songs as my longest.

The symptoms are identical to Tidal/QoBuz login failed

Has anyone solved these issues?

Logout of services and restart your core and try logging to them again.

I’ve restarted the roon server (complete computer, not just service), logged in and out and:

symptoms persist. But to ADD to the symptoms: not only does playback stop often after just one song (managed 2 as a limit, and always stops at the end of a song, never in the middle): The rest of Qobuz seems sluggish AF. Just browsing a discography will time out. Loading the song titles from a playlist (not even attempting to play them) will fail.

And each timeout seems to result in authentication failure and needs manual intervention to reset.

Again: Am I alone in these symptoms, or have others seen them as well?

Also getting the failure to login to Qobuz (on occasion) hitting retry solves the issue.

I am guessing that this is NOT how to open a support ticket, and that these fora are ignore / not participate in by core Roon developers. That is too bad.

HI @johan_Ovlinger,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with Qobuz. I too had this problem just a few days ago with Tidal. I was able to fix my issue by restarting my core, logging out of Tidal under settings>services, then logging back in.

If you try this and it doesn’t change your situation, another issue may be at play. If so, please note the date/time/track played and let me know. I will be able to use that information to look at diagnostics and see what Roon thinks is happening.


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