Qobuz login not working

Same problem here Roon give the same error massage, on Qobus app works fine. In the Mind app woks fine. do not know how to fix it Help please. It seams a Roon problem.

My contact with Qobus about the isseu.
\ 40x40 System (Qobuz)

20 Jun 2022, 14:27 UTC

(14:06:35) *** André Bakker joined the chat ***

(14:10:51) André Bakker: In Roon account login works no more. Massage account information not fond

(14:12:22) André Bakker: [Moderator removed personal information]

(14:17:27) Lucie: Hello André

(14:18:24) Lucie: On our side we can see your account, have you contacted Roon about this ? Have you tried with Qobuz native app?

(14:25:11) André Bakker: The Native app das work correct.

(14:25:37) Lucie: We think it is a problem on the Roon side, we are sorry for this inconvenience

(14:25:42) André Bakker: No contact whit Roon on this isseu

(14:26:54) Lucie: We invite you to contact them, they are very reactive

(14:27:11) André Bakker: Ok tnx

(14:27:37) Lucie: Feel free to contact us anytime, we hope that this issue will be resolved soon.

(14:27:39) Lucie: Kind Regards

(14:27:42) *** André Bakker left the chat ***

Hi A.J.

I moved your post because support wants each incident to have their own thread. I have also removed your personal information as that should not be posted in a public thread.

That being said, I would in Roon, log out of Qobuz. Reboot the Roon Server. Then try to log into Qobuz again. @support should be with you in a bit.

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Hi @A.J_Bakker,

We’re sorry to hear that you hit a snag while trying to sync your Qobuz account. Did @Rugby’s suggestion help clear that up for you? In checking your system diagnostics it looks like you’ve had success. Please let us know if you still need help!

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