Qobuz Login Problem

Hi … i’ve a problem while trying to log in to the Qobuz service.
The room app answers like in the attachment.
I checked my credentials and are fine when used in the Qobuz app.
All it’s ok with the Tidal account.

Any hints ? Thanks.

Reboot your core a few times.

And use your email account to login

This has happened to many people here since the last rounds of updates. No one has ever explained why but if you do a full power down of your Core machine and then restart it, the reboot seems to solve the issue of not being able to log into Qobuz. In my experience just a reboot sometimes solves the problem but the full power down reboot seems to work every time.

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Powering down the core machine works for me, but it sometimes requires more than one powering down. Mentioning that in case other folks don’t find powering down once works for them.

I’ve never had to reboot the router to fix the Qobuz connection issue, but it seems that is the final step that works from some users.

I am all of sudden having the same problem. I will try shutting down and restarting the nucleus Core.

Thank you all; the core shutdown worked!

I have a similar problem with roon on my iPhone. It sometimes keeps shutting down after several seconds, and I have to shut down my iPhone and restart it to get it roon to stay working.

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