Qobuz Love Heart Syncing (and/or Tidal)

Hi There,

Is it possible to sync the love hearts in qobuz like this

With the Qobuz identical album that’s in Roon?


The love heart in Qobuz is making it a Qobuz favourite essentially adding it your Qobuz library of material. Roon relies on this to know what to add to your Roon library on next sync. it doesn’t make it a favourite in Roon though due to some quirk in how the envisaged it. Roon favourites are are a separate system to tag favourite albums from you entire collection of local or streaming in Roons library. It’s confusing as they use the same naming and essentially the same thing but from different angles. Personally when I add music from streaming it’s not to make it a favourite it’s to listen to it and make it easier to find, if it is something I especially like I will favourite it in Roon for even easier access. But I get why you would want this to work. I don’t want every album I add to Roon to be a favourite as they are not, but I do want them in my Roon library. It’s a conundrum they need to work out as your not the first nor the last to bring it up.

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