Qobuz - make Roon remember the genre selection

In the three Qobuz tabs “New Releases”, “Playlists”, “Taste of Qobuz” there is a choice in the upper right corner to select genres. However, the selection is forgotten (at least in the ipad version of Roon) when i leave or restart the Roon app and reverts back to “All genres”.

Can Roon behaviour be changed to match the native Qobuz apps where the selection is remembered even if you close the app?


I support this, it has been a mild irritation to me to have to reset to my preferred genre each time.

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As a long time user of Qobuz - this is one of my biggest bugbears, that it does not always “remember” my preferred genre. I suspect, therefore, that the issue is one for Qobuz and not Roon.

@Paul_Williams Just doublechecking: In your native Qobuz apps, do you have “Remember my genre selection” option turned on? It’s in the “interface” part of the settings. My Mac and iOS versions of Qobuz always remember the genres that i choose. It wasn’t always like that, but since one of the updates to the apps perhaps a year ago Qobuz is behaving as expected and never forgets this selection, at least in my hands.

Roon currently (version 1.6) does not have an option for this setting to be turned on.

Also wishing that Qobuz genres can be taken into consideration in Roon Bookmarks. Very handy to have a ´new Qobuz jazz and pop-rock albums’ for example.

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Thanks for that!

Add me to the list of people who would be pleased to see this added.

+1 (Pleeeeeeease!)

+1 As a Qobuz subscriber since 2015, I like the feature “Remember my genre selection” (IOS) and “Save the selected genres for the homepage” (Mac OS), and although it hasn’t always worked, it has been working reliably recently, even across MacOS version updates.

Please could this feature be added to Roon?


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@support Thank you so much for adding this in Roon 1.6 (Build 416).

Very much appreciated.

[Edited 09/May 2019]
Actually, while the Qobuz genres are remembered within a Roon session, they are not remembered across sessions which is an option in the Qobuz applications. Could remembering the Qobuz genres be a setting in Setup?



Bumping this thread. I can’t believe that this had zero votes and I became the first one to add a vote. Everybody who wants this feature, please add your vote at the top of the page!

Every time I look for Qobuz new releases, I need to select the genre. It has annoyed me ever since I started using Roon a few years ago. I was going to create a feature request, but I found it was already started here.