Qobuz media loading slowly

Core Machine
Intel nuc 10i3, 256G SSD, 16G memory
running Roon 1.8, build 227

Network Details
BT Home Hub, ethernet connection direct to router

Audio Devices
rPi running ropieee, into i2s dac (soekris)

Library Size
None, streaming only

Description of Issue
Since upgrading to Roon 1.8 routinely get qobuz loading slowly messages and roon annoyingly just skips to the next track rather than staying on the requested track

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seems to be on 24bit only

Hello @Jonathan_Moore,

Thank you very much for following up on your initial post. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

I appreciate you letting us know of this. Would you please try to stream music directly from Qobuz? Does that work as expected?

Also, can you please try this simple step:

  • Log out of Qobuz in Settings → Services
  • Reboot your Core (turn off, unplug for a couple of minutes, plug back in and start it again)
  • Log back into Qobuz in Settings → Services

We’ll stay in touch :nerd_face: