Qobuz Music favorites disappeared from library [Roon Team Investigating]

I wish I would have found this thread earlier. I just completely restored my core and didn’t fix the problem. Would have just waited for roon team.

It appears the wait goes on, welcome aboard :wink:

My playlists are intact


Maybe this can be fixed by releasing 1.8 :grinning:

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It would be nice if the Roon team would put a sticky on the forum when there is an outage like this that obviously affects a large number of people. Particularly when the forum is also the support gateway.

A bit of communication could save a lot of time and frustration for the installed user base. It would also keep folks from spending a great deal of time and effort attempting to troubleshoot and fix things that aren’t broken.


At this moment, the missing Qobuz albums are reloaded in My Library.

IMPORTANT: this only happened after I restarted my Roon server, before that no prevail.

Update: reloading finished and everything ppearss to be back


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Mine are back too!
Had to do nothing, just looked after @anon90297517 s post, and all were back again. Very happy!

Still waiting for normality :frowning:

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Dear Roon

Please do not forsake those who still wait🙏

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Just restarted Roon and there are my Qobuz favourites!

Great news…

Glad some are in good shape, but nothing has changed on my end… unbelievably frustrating. I hope this is resolved overnight and doesn’t drag on into another day. No amount of restoring, restarting, etc., is making any difference.

I still don’t see mine either.

My work around is to go to Qobuz on the sidebar, My Qobuz, Favorite Albums and there they all are in order of most recent favorited. You can click add to favorite to get them into roon but I figure they’ll show up at some point like others report. I’m in the US.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Optimized Core 1.7 Build 710

Core is connected to my network player and NAS via Ethernet

**Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type -

T&A network player connected by 1Gbps Ethernet

Description Of Issue

After reinstalling the core all Qobuz albums in my library do not show up, while the locally stored are still visible. Installing a backup version of the library doe not help. When relaunching the library the number of shown in the overview is correct, but then it counts down to the number of albums stored locally. I already logged out from Qobuz and logged in again, and repeated the relaunch of a backup. No change, unfortunately. It looks like a sync problem with Qobuz. On the other hand, I can play music from Qobuz and even add new Qobuz albums to my library. Only the old stuff is gone.
Anybody an idea how to fix that problem?

Thanks, Kurt

Hi Kurt,

take a look: Qobuz Music favorites disappeared from library

Houston, we have a problem.

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There seem to be some more suffering the same problem. Thanks for the link.

Same issue I’m seeing, Kurt. And same as iamoneagain, am in the US.

All is back now. Thanks!

I REALLY wish I could say the same. And to add insult to injury, now I can’t even control Roon remotely via the iPad I typically use, or my phone—a super little development that seems to have kicked in midday. The connection is lost, and the only place I can control it is locally on the machine where the core is. I am tipping into furious now. I really hope the rest of us see an improvement tomorrow. Or an update of some sort from Roon. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how some folks are back up and running and I’m not only dead in the water, but it’s getting worse. WTF.

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I too am still touting a library that’s started the new year on a really successful “get leaner” campaign. Frankly my aspirations for it are quite the opposite and am getting frustrated.

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We need a gigantic downvote on this forum.

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