Qobuz music loads very slowly

Qobuz loads very slowly before playing. I have to wait up to a minute before music flows.Once playing it is fine. If I choose an album it will play through then the next song from roon radio or one I pick has the same problem again. Once playing the song will complete then the next is again a wait. I have changed no thing in my system or network. The only recent change is the roon update. I have logged out of qobuz and logged back in.

I have been posting about problems with Qobuz and V1.7

When you say the music loads slowly, does the track start at the beginning or are a few notes cut off?

Also, is there a problem if you set the Qonuz res to CD quality?


Starts from beginning. Same issue with lower resolution

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Hi @docdan60,

What kind of Core and setup are you using? What are the specifications for the Core and affected audio endpoints?

Is the behavior the same if you to play to “System Output” (your Core’s speakers)?

Core is on i5 Mac mini running Catalina. Yesterday after taking over a minute to start playing the first song from a Qobuz album the rest of the album and then the following songs chosen by Roon radio mostly from Qobuz played normally. Will see how things go later today when I listen again.

Hi @docdan60,

What is your internet download/upload speed? You can check this on speedtest.net. How are your DNS servers configured? Sometimes ISP-provided DNS servers are not very reliable, you may want to look into using Google DNS or Cloudflare.

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