Qobuz New Release section failure

Fast red colored popup Error Loading page. Have restarted the app and rebooted Nucleus. Only this function is failing.

I can successfully navigate to this area via my dCS Mosaic app to my dCS Upsampler. And can do so as well via the Qobuz iPad app.

Any ideas?

It’s the same here. I guess it’s something temporary.

Same problem for me to…

Also here in Germany

Paging @support - another Qobuz service problem for you guys…

Same problem here in France only with the new release menu and Qobuz choices

I am seeing this as well, in addition to the other issues with Arc I reported.

Same here in Brooklyn.

Same problem, but also with favorites albums, artists and titles!
Only playlists are ok.
Red screen ask me to check my network or to reload the screen.
I’ve reboot roonrock. Nothing.
It’s appear this evening. France.

Don’t waste time troubleshooting this, it’s a service level issue not a client side issue. We just have to wait for the Roon team to resolve this on their end.

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Everything is OK this morning : it’s time for the Friday new releases !