Qobuz new released tab -> empty?


Roon 2.0, Qobuz menu entry then the new released tab is empty, why?

Seems to work fine here.

Fine here (UK) too:-


Selecting “ALL” is not normal, but single selection is acceptable. (United States)

Strange because it’s empty here if i select all genre or unselect all! But if i select one or many (not all) it works!
Anybody else experience this behavior?

ps: build 1128

I think this is somehow connected to your region - suspect Qobuz does not give correct response for API call. Where are you located ?

I live in France :slight_smile:

Try reaching out to Qobuz directly and explain that people in other regions does not see this effect. Suspect it is somehow connected to your location (Qobuz gives different result based on where you are located).

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I have same issue. New releases tab shows no results. Strange Indeed. I live in NL.

Same thing here, also in NL. Selecting all genres or no genre both give “no result”. Any other combination jf gehres works as it should. Not really a problem, but odd…

Ok so it’s a bug to be resolved by Roon.It has to deal with Qobuz.

same strange thing here, I’m French too.

Qobuz is connected, but doesn’t show the new releases, if all genres is selected; it has playlists,Qobuz’s choice and my Qobuz, but not the new releases.

Thank you in advance.

You could, from settings/services, try logging out of Qobuz, restart the core then log in to Qobuz (from settings/services) and force a rescan by clicking on “sync now.” No guarantees it will work but it takes a few minutes and hopefully will resolve the problem.

I did it but no success :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. There are also issues with Tidal for some people so there may be a more general problem somewhere, hopefully support will pick up on the problems. It is worth raising a support issue then someone in support will, eventually, correlate the problems find a resolution.


Qobuz New Releases is emptybfor me too… French subscriber

Moving thread to Support

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Hey @Fabien_MATHIEU1,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Are you still having issues seeing new releases? If so, please give your core and router a hard reboot and let me know if your issue persists :+1:

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