Qobuz new releases not showing in roon for several days or not at all!

I am not seeing any new releases on my Qobuz page in Roon even several weeks after they come out. The Qobuz new releases section in Roon is a mere shadow of what is on the actual Qobuz site. The last new stuff shows release dates at the beginning of the month. Almost nothing in the past 3 weeks. Do Roon edit this list? Are they restricted in what they can show or play?
I know it can take a few days to get stuff over but this is weeks.
Has anyone else found this?

Could it be the I am looking at the Qobuz New Releases Grand Selection page? Is there another “non selected” area? Or should I go to the Qobuz site and “like” the release then it shows in Roon?

Thanks for the help.


Try shutting Roon core down and restarting it; sometimes that helps me get an updated display in Roon.

Try the refresh button at the upper left.

After refreshing, for me the Qobuz Grand Selection always matches what I see in the Qobuz native app.

You probably are already sorting “By newest”, not “By relevance” which is the default - just saying…

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Mahalo. That worked :call_me_hand:

naʻu ka hauʻoli

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I am still waiting for the new HD versions of Pink Floyd which were released a few days ago to appear. No joy so far…very frustrating.

And they just did…in the versions tab.