Qobuz New Releases

Roon Core Machine

Version 2.0 (build 1128) on NUC

Description of Issue

All Qobuz records in my library are available, so my Qobuz connection is OK. But the Qobuz New Releases stays empty since the update to Roon/ROCK Version 2.0 (build 1128) production (all other Qobuz options are available). This is the case on all my devices, so it has something to do with the server part of Roon.

Same things for me with Roon server on mac

Same thing here, i live in France. Seems working for some countries, not for many.

From settings/services try logging out of Qobuz, restart the core then log in to Qobuz (from settings/services) and force a rescan by clicking on “sync now.” Hopefully that will fix it.

Qobuz in Norway is working as normal today.
Was last Friday aso when skimming through new releases.

Today the Qobuz New Releases are back again :wink: . No changes in Roon or ROCK version.
Maybe there was a malfunction in the Qobuz API.


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