Qobuz not adding to my library

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Naim ND555

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Can not add Qobuz albums to my library, I can play them but not add

Have a look at this thread.

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Hey @emre_isiklar,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Could you please let us know more about the issue?

Also, did @SukieInTheGraveyard’s link help with understanding how things work? :nerd_face:

Thx @SukieInTheGraveyard :pray:

Dear @beka

I try to log out and login but it all the same. Sometimes it shows my newly added albums without the album cover. İt is only on the albums that I started to add recent weeks. The old added ones are still with the album cover while new ones are empty.

Thanks for the quick reply :zap:

As a next troubleshooting step, could you please clear the cache?

  • Stop Roon Server from running in the Web UI
  • Find and open your RoonServer database
  • Navigate to RoonServer/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon Server via the WebUI and verify if the issue still occurs

Thanks a lot :pray:

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Hi @emre_isiklar, did Rebeka’s suggestion help here?

I get the spinning (former plus) button every time I add a streaming version of a local album. This happens without fail and have previously reported to @support but nothing has been done. I’ve learned to live with it as it does actually add to my library if I allow the ‘added to library’ banner to disappear. If I have no local version Roon behaves as it should.

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After a while it now al works good….

Hey @emre_isiklar

Thank you for following up to let us know that things have returned to normal. If we can help with anything else please don’t hesitate to reach out! :+1:

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