Qobuz not connecting to Roon?

Core Machine

<Synology 1819+ 4gb ram 4core>

2 factor authentication enabled.

Roon is installed native and I am unable to login Qobuz on any of the ROON apps?

Can anyone advise on this please?

Heyllo @Daniel_Bushaway,

I am mortified that we took this long to get back to you :pleading_face: . I am so sorry we’ve missed your post for this long. Please, accept my sincere apology.

Could you please let me know if this is still an issue? We’d love another chance to help :pray:

Hello @Daniel_Bushaway

It seems that you may have been among the small number of our members who were affected by a sync issue that Qobuz were having on their their in end with Roon.

Dylan has posted an update here. We’re happy to report that Qobuz has determined the origin of the issue and a fix has been implemented. Please bear with us, your Qobuz library should be restored soon. If your issue is not remedied by this fix please let us know right away and we’ll continue to work with you toward a solution.