Qobuz not playing at all

Mac Mini Core

Qobuz continues to give a message:
Track not available
Too many failures, stopping playback

Occurs on all Qobuz albums

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

29,000 tracks

Description of Issue

No songs/albums play from Qobuz. Constant message is:

Track currently not available
too many failures…stopping playback. On all songs/albums

Hello @Kevin_Brode,

I’m sorry we’ve missed your post for a few days :pleading_face:

If this is still an issue, I was hoping you could try this:

  • Log out of Qobuz in Settings → Services
  • Reboot your Core (including unplugging it for a few minutes)
  • Log back into Qobuz in Settings → Services

If that doesn’t help, could you please temporarily lower the streaming quality from Qobuz (in the same Settings → Services).

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

This has been solved. It was a Qobuz issue.