Qobuz now £14.99 in UK

Been waiting for this, seems its limited to first 100,000 subscribers, time to ditch tidal and adios to mqa.


Good news, I’ve checked my existing account and I have been automatically moved from Studio to the new Studio Premier saving £10 a month.


Hmmm…I still see my account stating its £24.99

Do they do a family subscription yet?

Yes Bill so does mine but if you go into streaming plans and click on frequently asked questions on Studio Premier, click on ‘I already have a plan what is going to happen’ then you should see

Monthly Subscribers


You can simply switch plans and upgrade to the Studio

Hi-Fi and Studio

No need to worry, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this offer! You will be automatically transferred to Studio Premier at £14.99/month when your monthly subscription is renewed.

So as I see it it will change at next subscription payment.

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Is that £14.99 for the first 100,000 for 12 months or for the life of the subscription?

Why on earth should the French and Italians pay more for Qobuz than the English and Americans?

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They’re probably rolling out by country


I used to have both Qobuz and Tidal but Qobuz lacks quite a bit of more modern music, so I reluctantly decided to drop it. Would be good if the two companies joined together.

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Yes, good news. I had the email today too, I will check in a few days to be certain. To celebrate, I bought an amplifier!


I don’t think so. Competition is a good thing.

Well, right now I need to have both to get all the music I want, so it’s really expensive. I want deep classical and jazz catalogue, plus the latest releases and artist back catalogue too. Can’t get that in one package yet. I’m not bothered about ‘hi-res’ as I just don’t think it makes an important difference, but if someone could just deliver all the music I want in 16/44.1 I’d be happy.

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I have both also, but will probably drop Tidal when my 6 month subscription runs out now that Qobuz has everything I listen to.

Do not forget the Dutch and it’s a French company :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I’ll stay with Tidal because of too many non-hits with Qobuz-library, sadly…

It depends on the competitive environment in those countries.

The English and Americans have better taste in music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just took a trial and based on my Tidal playlist it missed loads of tracks off.

Mine too but I’m going to go and look manually. I used soundiiz and looking at the failure list I can’t believe some of them aren’t there.

I took out a trial and I’m comparing it with Tidal. Some albums missing, particularly indie stuff. Classical is much better. Lots of high res available.

If I drop Tidal does that mean that all the Tidal albums I added to my library will disappear or will Roon show the Qobuz versions instead? Do I need to use something like Soundiiz to transfer the favourites?

Soundiiz does a great job when switching services, but playlists are always a problem as track level identification is much harder than album level (for some reason?) so yes whenever I move my 500 plus favourites tracks playlist its always a case of rooting out the track in the new service manually. Even then many of the tracks from main albums are replaced by tracks from 'best of’s or compilations or live albums - streaming metadata I think has a long way to go yet.

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