Qobuz on the Fritz

Is anyone else experiencing outages with Qobuz? Within Roon, Qobuz track will not play (too many errors). The Qobuz app plays cuts briefly, then skips through the album.

I don’t know about outage but I’ve seen a lot of Qobuz album having tracks marked as “unavailable” on Roon. And if I play those tracks on Qobuz app, they’d skip in a few seconds.

I’m having the same problem, have you found a solution

I’m having the same problem, any solution.

I did on Friday morning.

Had this in spades recently. Had to re add them and remove these versions. They need a better way of handling this as its happening very often.

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There was a huge fire in one of France‘s biggest data / cloud service centers alongside the Rhine near Strassburg. I have no idea if Qobuz is using this, but if so it could contribute to the problems recently seen

I am on the other side of the Rhine. Qobuz has been a bit slower but I am not seeing any interuptions in tracks playing etc.

Yeah, no one noticed that Qobuz stopped accepting my credit card automatic debits, no defaults, no new cards. Mystery. Anyway, I re-chose Studio, and all is well again. Doh :slight_smile:

I think their infrastructure and their apps/code isn’t able to handle the growth in subscribers/business. It’s making troubleshooting Roon Player/Endpoint issues a bit difficult.

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