Qobuz or Tidal? Can someone explain the benefits?

Fellow Roonites,

I know that I’m way off the back when contemplating Streaming sites. I still buy CD’s and then rip them to my MAC Mini…How could I benefit from joining a streaming service? It does not seem to be cheaper and I can find everything I look for on CD…so I guess I just don’t get it …

I hope someone can explain it to this idiot…



There’s probably lot’s to say about it, but the basics:

It’s like renting a CD collection (hundreds of thousands or millions of CDs) for $20/month. It’s only cheaper to buy CDs if you buy one or two a month. Granted, you don’t get to keep all the “rented” CDs, but while you are a subscriber, you can “favorite” any you like and they will look to you like they are part of your physical collection (through Roon anyway).


Hey HTH,

Thanks for the explanation…So the moment you stop paying the monthly fee…all your downloads disappear?

Thanks again!

Yes They do. And they are not downloads. You are streaming the files, so need a robust internet connection.

They are not really downloads. They don’t exist on your harddrive. You stream them from their servers.

HTH stands for “Hope that helps” by the way (BTW). I can see how it looks like a signature though! :crazy_face:

If one turns out to be a must have, I’ll buy it. Most music I like for a while then revisit very occasionally, if at all. When you constantly have new music to explore and play, having a physical collection becomes less important, IMO.

Thanks Gary and Mr Strisik…hope that’s your name…

Thanks for the amusing answers…I have Fiber connection (Sonic)…though I do not get the advertised One Gigabit I do get from 500 to 800Mbps so I think I’m covered there…though for what ever reason…it still does not seem like a service I want…but maybe I’ll try it just to check it out…

Thanks for all the help…another great feature of this great community!