Qobuz Playback Issue on Mojave

Hi Noris,
I’m experiencing very similar issues. Roon core is exclusively running on an iMac mini with a hard wired interconnection. I assume HW and/or internet connection is not the bottle neck in my system.

One experiance:
Once a HiRes song has successfully started and running and I jump then to another song from the same album the system hang’s. While leaving it in this stage waiting for the music it can happen that the song starts after a couple of minutes. This let me think that the complete album is getting downloaded before you can play it.

And one more information: While waiting the blue bare at the bottom is bouncing back and force during the waiting time

Same behavior also with none HiRes --> CD 44.1kHz 16bit.
Qobuz app --> all res. fine

Hi Noris,
thanks for your reply.
My router is a ‘FritzBox 6360 Cable’. I do have a stable! 32MBit/s internet connection. The router is hard connected with a ‘Apple Time capsule’ . From there the MacMini (with Roon core) and the NAD M32 are hard wired. The Time capsule is also building up my WLan where all my Roon remote’s are connected to.
I’m not sure what you mean with end point. I’m using an NAD M32 with a BluOS module. I would like to share a video with you which I’ve take while the problem occurs.

Is it possible to put such .mov file here or whats the best way to share such heavy file?


My response from previous thread:

What router and endpoint are you using? Is the behavior the same for multiple endpoints or just one? Can you run the test I specified earlier (Roon 1.6, Qobuz stops everytime) and let me know results + timestamps?

Hi @KnudK,

I have split your posts over from the previous thread because I believe you might be having some networking issues here that does not apply to the rest of the posters. You mentioned that you have a FritzBox and Apple Time Capsule.

We have previously seen unstable behavior with these two devices, one thing that you should check is to make sure that you do not have “Software Packet Acceleration” enabled on your FrtizBox. Also, can you please run this test?

  1. Are you able to play (Assume Form by James Blake) on the Qobuz web player until the track has concluded ? Link to track is as follows: (https://play.qobuz.com/album/i6yfb3qats3rc ). We’ve confirmed this album should be streamable in every country except Poland and if you are only able to play 30 seconds of this track, please see Mike’s post here:
    (Qobuz errors: too many failures, playback stopped )
  1. Are you able to play the same track (Assume Form by James Blake) in Roon all the way until completion using Qobuz integration? If you are not able to do so, please provide the exact local time in your country for the playback attempt (ex: 1:36PM on 1/25/19)
  1. If you have a TIDAL subscription as well, are you able to play back the TIDAL version of that track and does it work as expected until completion? If you are not able to do so, please provide the exact local time in your country for the playback attempt (ex: 1:36PM on 1/25/19)
  1. Does logging out and back into Qobuz help resolve the playback issue?
  1. Can you post a screenshot of your Signal Path while the track is playing? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.
  1. What Qobuz subscription tier do you have?


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