Qobuz Playlist Enhancements

  1. Is there a way to make a “smart” QB (or Roon for that matter) playlist? For example, I would like to make a playlist of all Everest classical recordings. Can this be done automagically?

  2. Is there a way to lasso or group-select albums from a search window in order to not have to add them individually to a playlist?

…If not, then these would be very good features to work with QB to add.

Album Page/Focus/Label = Everest; focus/Genre=classical

Once created, save a bookmark for future access.

  1. Long click to select first album, then find last album and shift click. Also Cmd-A to select all.

Thanks for the reply John. Unfortunately I am not sure that I am following you.

“Album Page/Focus/Label = Everest; focus/Genre=classical”

Where would I use that string?

" Long click to select first album, then find last album and shift click. Also Cmd-A to select all."

When I do that it takes in other things on the page also and right clicking on it to look for options just undoes the selection to only highlight the one album my mouse lands on.

Any additional details would be appreciated.

Sorry, too terse. Go to the album page, select the Focus button, then scan across the bottom portion of the page and press the Label button. That will cause a drop down to appear with all the labels in your library. Select Everest, and then you will see the album page with a green “+Everest” tag at the top, which indicates the current focus. Further focus by going back to the bottom of the page, finding the Genre button, and selecting Classical. You should then see +Everest +Classical at the top. You’re done. Stopping here for the moment.

As far as selecting, after the first long click, one can simply short click on all other albums you wish to select.

If there are consecutive albums to choose, one can click on the leftmost one and shift click on the rightmost one. Hope that makes more sense

Hi John, how do you “lasso” with the iPad? Cheers. Mark

On an iPad, you can either select each album individually , or, after selecting the first one, select the “1 selected” botton (top left) which will drop down and offer a “select all” option.

The first album you select takes a long press. Then, the album will turn blue, and you can then short press (a.k.a select) other albums as you see fit.

Ah. I think I see my disconnect here. I am trying to create some playlists from among Qobuz offerings, not from my own local library. Doing that with Qobuz seems tricky, especially using the Roon interface.