Qobuz Playlist in Roon empty

i have connected Qobuz in Roon. But the Qobuz Playlist are empty.
There are shown with name but no songs are in there…

Also any other Qobuz Playlist are empty, I can not play any song…
Connection restarted already.

local music is playing well.


Sorry for the trouble, @Steffen_Rothammel!

Outside of playlists is Qobuz content showing up and playing okay in Roon?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi, thanks for the fast answer!
No, I see the Playlists but they are empty and Qobuz stuff can’t be played…
Network is ok!

edit: if I run Roon on a Windows Core, it works.
other: MacBook Air M1

edit2: it was the 5GHz WLAN Connection… LOL… sorry

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Hi @Steffen_Rothammel,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to narrow down the issue do the WiFi connection, if you have any other issues with Roon, just let us know!

HI, yes.
Always when i connect my MacBook Air M1 with the 5GHz WLAN, Roon cannot connect to Qobuz.
At 2,4GHz all is fine !


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