Qobuz Playlist issue

When I click on a Playlist, rather than showing me albums, (like the way they are when streaming from the web or via the Qobuz app), I see the tracks on each album, so I sometimes have to wade through hundreds of tracks to get to the album I want. Is there someway to duplicate the way Qobuz handles playlists on Roon?

I think some screenshots showing what you mean would help.

Here’s a partial shot of my Playlists:

And what happens when I click on one:

On Audirvana, the tracks stay collected under the album

Then when I click on the cover, it reveals the tracks for just that album:

What does the playlist you expanded look like in the native qobuz app?

A Playlist:

A Playlist album expanded:

Interesting - the Qobuz app seems to offer both a “grouped by album” listing and a track listing for Playlists:

Roon only has the track listing…

I agree that a grouped by album listing would be nice to have. I’ve taken the liberty of moving this thread into the Feature Requests category of the forum, where it will be read and considered by the Roon Labs team.

Thank you. If Qobuz and Audirvana offer grouped by album, then surely Roon can manage it! By the way, I’m pleased to see another Martha Argerich fan! :grinning: