Qobuz playlist issues

Hey Roon developers,
make up your mind. When will the sync behavior added to Qobuz users in the same way as it works for Tidal? Why is that such a big problem to solve?

It’ a MUST HAVE feature.


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How is it different? Please give details and examples. Additionally, every support thread is separate, so, I am moving this to a new thread.

Hi Daniel,
I’m creating my own playlists in Roon. I want that they get Synced with my Qobuz account so that I have them available when i’m not at home in my Roon environment. That works with my albums but not with my playlists.


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That doesn’t happen in Tidal either it’s strictly one way.

What you create in Roon stays in Roon, there is no way to sync a Roon playlist to Qobuz. Nor, is there anyway to edit a Qobuz playlist in Roon. Same goes with Tidal.

Really hope that this gets changed. I’m not willing to pay for a service that requires you to use it exclusively, especially when the iOS app is buggy and laggy beyond functionality. Why is 2 way playlist sync so difficult? You’re able to pull the playlists from Qobuz, so why can’t it be 2 way? There are plenty of services that can sync playlists with Qobuz like Tunemymusic, so the API does have the capability of a 2 way sync.


I agree, this is a must-have feature. It is disappointing that I cannot just add songs I discover and listen in Roon to a Qobuz playlist such that it is easily available in the latter. It is disappointing not to read even acknowledgment that this feature request is valid and someone is doing something about it. It is not like this is a free service…

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It seems like other Apps have no problems with editing a Qobuz Playlist. I Just checked with the Bluesound App. There I can simply add Titles to an existing Qobuz Playlist.

I definetly expect Roon to do the same!
Love roon for a lot of things, but some very basic features need to be added to justify the price.

So please Roon think about a way to get this Playlist issue solved ;o)

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This is very disapointing.
I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind this except to create a lock-in effect once you’ve invested time in curating playlists on Roon. I could do it on the Yamaha MusicCast app. I understand how Roon has a wider scope than these apps but you could at the very least propose a way to add tracks from Qobuz on existing Qobuz playlists. Having to rely on services such as Soundiiz to do this very basic sync is, as I said, very disapointing.