Qobuz Playlist not Showings as Album View


When I open my personal Playlists in the QB desktop app it shows just album icons, no track list …unless I click on an album. This is simple and easily shows all of your album choices.

When I go to my QB personal playlists in Roon it just shows a very, very long list of all of the tracks from all of the albums in that playlist. I can click on the album name to see just the information from just that one album but this way of doing things seems very bulky.

I looked for a “view” setting as is found in the QB desktop app but did not find one. Does anyone know how to initially see just the album icons in for one’s QB playlists in Roon or is this just the way it is?

Can this be added as a feature?

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So I guess that I am the only person who would like to see Playlists in Roon/Qobuz shown in Album icon view rather than an often very long list of tracks?

Does anyone have a work-around?