Qobuz Playlists in Album View?

I am probably just overlooking an easy way to do this but is there a way to view my Roon Qobuz personal playlists in album view rather as a long list of tracks?

Viewing by tracks is pretty time consuming as a great deal of scrolling is required to even see what you put in there.

Dear Mods. If this is not a feature then please consider it. Thanks!


I couldn’t find that either…
In Qobuz you can choose to show a playlist as tracks or albums.
This is the main reason I use Audirvana to keep my personal Qobuz albums. I add albums to playlists in Qobuz or Audirvana and that way they are not added to my personal (local) library.
(I like to keep my own library clean without stuff that doesn’t belong to me :slight_smile:

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Hello @Dirk_Op_de_Beeck, can I ask how? I am using the Qobuz app on an android phone, and don’t see an option to present my playlists other than as individual tracks. It’s probably me… :thinking:
It would be very useful for me in some cases to have an album view option. Thanks.

Seconded, would be a great option - even Lightning DS from Auralic offers a ‘Collapse All’ option that rolls all the tracks in a playlist up into one line for each album, but a larger album cover view for playlists would be brilliant.

I’m using a mac so not sure how it looks on a phone. This is a mac screenshot:

On the right side there are 3 icons:

  • tracks (just a list of tracks)
  • release lists (album view with tracks on the side)
  • grid (just albums)
    I created different playlists for different genres and I’m not adding tracks just entire albums.
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Thanks Dirk, much appreciated! I’ll check this out on my Mac tomorrow. Don’t think I can replicate something like this in the phone app.

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Wished that this worked on my Windows PC or in IOS. I will check my Mac Air…

You are talking about Qobuz in Roon, not the Qobuz standalone app, right?

Dirk_Op_de_Beeck you are showing us a screenshot from the standalone Qobuz app.

This is a Roon forum and we are talking about how Qobuz presents inside of Roon.

It looks different. There is only a track view.

He does say it is in the Qobuz app…

I was thrown off by the screen shots. I did not realize it was a “me too” post. I guess that I was hoping that I was wrong and he had a way of showing the album view inside of Roon.

Thanks for clarifying.

No unfortunately that doesn’t seem to exist…
I’m using Audirvana to play Qobuz (or the Qobuz app) because the only way to see Qobuz albums in Roon is by adding them to your library which I don’t want to do.

I experimented a bit more today and must admit that I overlooked the fact that it is Roon itself that does not allow you to see your Playlist in Album mode in the way that Qobuz does in it’s standalone app.

Feature Request: Please allow Album View in all our Roon playlists, both for our local library and also for Qobuz…Thanks!

Dear Admin. Any feedback on this idea?

Won’t work? Can’t work? Stupid idea? Already in progress?