Qobuz Playlists in Roon

Hi Folks. I’m experiencing some odd behavior with my Qobuz playlists within Roon. Some of those behaviors are:

  1. Newly added songs, that appear in the bottom of the Qobuz playlists, never make their way into what Roon shows as that same playlist within Roon…

  2. Qobuz playlists sometimes get out-of-order within Roon compared to what they show in Qobuz. I sometimes add entire albums to playlists… and what will happen is the first few tracks from that album will appear at the bottom of the playlist (as they should do), but the last few songs of the album insert themselves as the very first song in the playlist, bumping all other songs down.

When I open the playlist in Qobuz everything is in the “right order” (the order in which I want it to be, at least), and all the songs that are supposed to be there are there. I go over to Roon and check the playlist, and songs are missing and appear out-of-order.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, i.e. playlist on roon 173 tracks, on Qobuz 221.

I have a different problem with Playlists. When I click on a playlist, all of the albums are separated into tracks rather than keeping them together as an album until I click on a specific album. (That’s the way it works with Qobuz’s app.) Also, my Favorites folder doesn’t show up. Any suggestions for solving either or both problems?