(Qobuz) Playlists not updating :|

Added some tracks, using Qobuz app, to one of my Qobuz’ playlist and in Roon…

  • in “Qobuz/My Qobuz/My Playlists” changes are not there (not even tracks added days ago)
  • they do, though, in “Playlists” (even tracks added minutes ago)


Hi @pl_svn,

Does this update if you click the refresh button on the [edit] Qobuz page?

… Qobuz, you mean :wink: and… no, it doesn’t (tried several times in this last couple of days)

in “Qobuz/My Qobuz/My Playlists”:

in “Playlists”:

Hi @pl_svn,

Let’s use Fickle Game by Amber Run as an example — If you create a new playlist with that same track in it, does it sync to Roon as expected?

I tried to add this track to a playlist and it worked okay for me, so I want to confirm:

  • If Roon has stopped syncing any playlist information here at all
  • If it’s limited to just this track
  • If it’s limited to just this playlist


hhhhmmm… when I create a new playlist on Qobuz it shows immediately in Roon/Qobuz/My Qobuz/My Playlist but takes time (usually hours) before showing in Roon/Playlists

then, at least this is what happened with that playlist, changes are synched in Roon/ Playlists only :confused:

so far i created a new playlist and it is there in Qobuz/My Qobuz/etc
let’s see tomorrow :wink:

12h (and many “refresh”) later… still nothing in “Playlists” but, as I wrote, here it is in “My Qobuz” (was there immediately after creating it):

Hi @pl_svn,

Thanks for confirming that this is specific just to that one playlist. I’ll follow up with you via a PM for next steps.

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Hi @pl_svn — Now that we’ve confirmed this is not an account specific issue and not an issue with this specific track, here’s what I’d like to try next:

  • Close Roon on the Core machine
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Restart Roon and let us know if this changes anything

ROCK here so… Data/RoonServer/Cache and delete the original, right?

ok… done anyway :wink:

“Qobuz - Shazams” playlist did finally synch (both in “Playlists” and in “My Qobuz”) but… in “Playlists” still no trace of that “Qobuz - Roon Synch Test” playlist I created yesterday (shows in “My Qobuz” though) :no_mouth: