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Dear Help Army.
I play with a combination of Roon and Nucleus and sorry I didn’t include all the answers to my playtng gear (Roon + Nucleus) etc, because this is a question that hits on the construction, architecture, of Roon + Nucleus.

A minor problem compared to all misery I read about in the topics.

I have installed Qobuz in Roon, and that works beautifully…except:

Here we go. When I play Qobuz (apart from Roon) I can get admittance to all my (Qobuz) playlists.
Clicking on playlists results in all playlists showing.
Then when I click on a playlist I can see all the separate albums.
Clicking on one of the albums of the playlists I can see all the tracks of each album.

But I don’t have that choice in Roon…or I haven’t found how to do it.

In Qobuz (and in Audrvana too) I can browse through the albums of the playlists, which I often do to find what I am looking for or to let myself be surprised. In Roon I have to go through hundreds of tracks before hitting on my search.

What can be done in Roon is clicking on “Album” above the tracks (on the left) and then the album shows. That is a nice thing if there is one or 2 albums in the playlists, but not when there are a lot of albums to peruse.

I hope you will find a solution for my “minor” problem and I wish you all a gorgeous Christmas,

Frans Gommers [redacted]

No solution for you but remove your email. Roon support doesn’t reply by email. Only through this forum or pm.

I flagged it for mods

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If you have found that you have to follow each individual track to it’s associated album. There isn’t any way round it.

Dear Suedkiez,

I am very unhappy about your reply. I thought that the Roon team is also there to pay attention to problems forwarded by users like me, and think of a solution.
I don’t think I deserve the qualification “I flagged it for mods” whatever that means.
I’ll try again

Using Qobuz I can choose , after selecting a playlist:

  1. Sort by tracks (that’s what Roon suggests)
  2. Display as release list. You get the albums and the tracks
  3. Display as GRID. You just get the albums.

This last suggestion is for me very helpful, as I explained in my (cry) for help.

I think that you have lots of time to peruse all the tracks of all albums in playlists but I’d rather not.
Qobuz understands that.

You, Hickman and Roon don’t!

My hope is that a real Roon technician reads this now and tries to find a solution. (Flag it for mods is no solution, and certainly not helpful)


I alerted the moderators so that they could remove your email address that you had presented for the whole world to read in your post, before it gets harvested by a robot and you get buried in spam emails for years.

We don’t work for Roon. I didn’t comment on your issue but just spent my time to try and prevent other troubles for you. @ged_hickman1 spent their time to explain how it is, while not making a judgement.

Roon reads every post here in the Feedback area but they don’t necessarily comment nor have to agree with every user

Dear Suedkiez, Hickman and Fietser,

My apologies about using my e-mail address.
I am glad you proposed to make it disappear.
At least that is what I have understood you woulf do.

Shall we make peace?

Shall we ask a Roon technician to reply to my original “cry for help” and she/he might be able explain why Qobuz and also Audirvana can do this and Roon cannot?

My apologies if I unwittingly have “offended” you.

Have a nice 2024,


No need to apologize, just looking out for you :slight_smile: Yes, the moderator redacted the address in your opening post right away.

No worries :slight_smile:

Now that I am back home with Roon and some time to explore, I am not quite sure what you are doing. Can you post screenshots?

If I go to Browse > Qobuz > Playlists and into a specific playlist, it seems to me that I can do the things you are asking for. It’s also possible to save a local copy of the Qobuz playlist:

Then a copy is created in My Stuff > Playlists, where it can be edited as well.

In either case you can sort and filter the playlist by album, track, artist, etc., and you can add additional columns by clicking the :gear: icon top right. Note that the table may be wider than your screen, so you can scroll left/right

Dear Helper,

When you look up right you see “About”
Go a half inch left and you find the 3 signs I keep talking about. First left is choosing the albums (Grid) second left is albums and tracks, third left is tracks.I am sorry I have no idea how to draw lines etc. on a screenshot. Now de screenshots follow:
1.left The Grid . The albums of this Qobuz Playlist

2. Left Albums and Tracks:

3.Left. All Tracks (The way Roon does)

Now I’ll show you ROON:
First Screenshot (just as Qobuz does):The Playlists.

2nd Screenshot when I click on our Abbado playlist

As you will see no further choice. Only tracks. This playlist is not very big but you can imagine what a work it is to have a peruse playlists with lot of albums, when you have to scroll through all the tracks.

I do all this to make clear what I meant in my famous “cry for help”

I am very sorry but your helping words are too much for my feeble braincells.

I hope this helps you a bit,


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