Qobuz possible metadata issue, not sure

Hi @support

I thought I should flag this slightly odd behaviour in Roon Radio with Qobuz. I’m not sure if it is a metadata issue, or a format selection issue.

Roon Radio started playing the track Sunset by Panda Bear from the EP A Day With the Homies;

But when I clicked on the EP/album title link I saw this;

If I navigated to Panda Bear as an artist I found the EP;

The difference appears to be that Roon Radio had selected and was playing a 16/44 version of the track, but as you can see the EP is 24/44. There doesnt actually appear to be a 16/44 version available in my Qobuz subscription, so I am not sure how Roon Radio picked it up.

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

Thanks for the report, much appreciated! If you start playback of the album from the artists page and then click the album link from Now Playing is there any change?

Hi @dylan

Yes that works and takes me to the 24/44 album/EP. So it was only the link from the now playing screen when the track was selected by Roon Radio.

If I look back in my playing queue I can see the offending 16/44 track and I can reproduce the ‘album not found’ error from it.

Hi @Tim_Rhodes — Thanks for clarifying!

I want to get this report to the QA team for further investigation, but I’m hoping to get just a bit more information so I can make sure they’ll have everything they need. If possible, could you please do the following:

  1. Find the album in the Queue’s history
  2. Take a screenshot of the queue
  3. Select the album (make a note of the time you do this)
  4. Take a screenshot of the error once more
  5. Respond here with the two screenshots and the timestamp from when you opened the album — I’ll enable diagnostics for this timestamp


Hey @dylan thanks for getting back to me on this. Here are the screenshots;

  1. The track in the queue

  2. The album error

I clicked on the album at around 17:44 and again at 17:45 UTC.

Thanks, @Tim_Rhodes – I’ve enabled diagnostics and once the report is received I’ll pass it to the team for analysis.